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TRV University Overview
Watch The TRV U Videos

Watch informative videos which explain how Technical Remote Viewing works, including the New Student Orientation, at the Auditorium Building.

About Technical Remote Viewing University
   Since 1989 PSI TECH has been the world leader in developing, testing, and refining effective Technical Remote Viewing training programs for our students. From the Generation I and II Basic Training programs, to the Advanced Training System, PSI TECH's dedication to teaching Technical Remote Viewing skills remains a distinctive purpose of PSI TECH's mission.

  Introduction to TRV University
   The TRV University is a comprehensive web-based program that delivers unparalleled convenience, flexibility and real-time support to our students. In pursuit of basic through advanced TRV skills, students are able to earn training certifications that acknowledge successful completion of their course work.

   Over a decade ago PSI TECH was the first company to conduct Remote Viewing training and today we are the premiere organization to offer complete and progressive Technical Remote Viewing training programs. We have designed our training services so that learning is fast and convenient. Via the Internet, our online format has been streamlined to deliver interactive directed learning. One hundred percent of our curriculum can be completed via the Internet in the most efficient way possible.

   Students have immediate access to support staff and fellow students who are available for real time assistance and discussion. Because we utilize an asynchronous format, you are free to participate at the times and places that work best for you. Learn at your own speed and meet like minded people who have similar interests and goals. Students can become apart of a worldwide community of active Remote Viewers. The goal of TRV University is to achieve Technical Remote Viewing "Mastery." TRV University will provide you with the tools, instruction, and peer environment necessary to master this unique skill.

   PSI TECH offers an unsurpassed history of experienced training and now our progressive curriculum is available to you anywhere, and at anytime.
  TRV University Mission Statement
   PSI TECH's TRV University's mission is to assist in the evolution of human consciousness by empowering human beings with the ability to obtain direct knowledge by teaching Technical Remote Viewing as a learned skill. Our training goal is to educate and to install effective learning through innovative and interactive methods utilizing distance education technologies and providing convenient access to dedicated people regardless of their geographical location.

   TRV University's educational philosophy and operational structure embody participative, collaborative, and applied problem-solving strategies that are facilitated by a faculty whose advanced Technical Remote Viewing knowledge and professional experience help integrate TRV theory with current practical application. The University continually assesses the progress of its training and the successes of its students and graduates, to provide continual support and to integrate advances into our training programs.
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