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Today is March 30th, 2017.

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Welcome to TRV University!

TRVU is the premiere training resource for remote viewing instruction.

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TRV University News
Of Mice and Pen: Remote Viewers who Plunge into Unknown Realities.
Imagine if you will, only the vast surface of the ocean… Imagine now, that you’ve never seen beneath the ocean surface and neither has anyone else. You have a curious nature and you feel compelled to find out. So, you carefully follow directions and then you head out to explore where no one else has gone before. All the stories you’ve heard about this world seem far too trite to entertain now. You have just gone on a trip with no return ticket. It’s obvious now that the trip you took was much more then just a mere excursion.
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Remote Viewing Articles written by Remote Viewers who share their experiences from using this powerful technology and how it has impacted their lives.
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Welcome to Volume 6, Issue 1 of The Matrix Remote Viewers Newsletter.
In this issue of The Matrix, dive beneath the surface of mind with PSI TECH's President Jonina Dourif. See if you have what it takes as Dane Spotts submits a call to start up a real-life Omega Team. Kimberly Snow examines the qualities of heroes through the ages. Dennis Arbour has a close encounter. Alana talks about how her TRV training affected her life. And "Mr. V" reveals a disturbing facet of his own Remote Viewing training. And just because you're a special person, you get a new comic!
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Help Wanted: \"Omega\" TRV Candidates: PSI TECH establishes a real life \"Omega Team\".
I am looking for 10 candidates this year to join PSI TECH’s newly formed Omega team of remote viewers. You don’t have to move to the jungle (where the Matrix Research Center is being built) or quit your job. This is a part time gig that allows you to participate in world-class research and Remote Viewing projects. Some of our current projects involve new forms of energy that will take us off fossil fuel dependency, life extension (we have been working this for a little while and have made some astounding breakthroughs), the new psi development project including advanced protocols for mental telepathy and much more.
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The TOTW Archives Uncovered: Target #157: What makes a hero?
What defines a hero? Bravery? Loyalty? Valor? Whether our heroes are male or female, whether they spring from the pages of ancient history books or are found in the newspapers of today, there are certain qualities that they have in common. On June 14th of 2005, a handful of Technical Remote Viewing students were about to peer into the armory of these ultimate heroes. There was not only remarkable corroboration in the student sessions, but also various individual elements that came together like pieces in a puzzle to form a complete picture. As I combed through these sessions, I thought long and hard on what the data meant.
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Raising The Bar: An observation on evolving humanity one remote viewer at a time.
After my first two years of remote viewing work, I was asking a lot of questions of myself and analyzing the total meaning of what I was perceiving. It seemed also to me at that time that existence itself was a lot more dynamic—and very much more alive—than I had at one time believed. I actually entertain the idea that we are all closely watched by very patient observers, waiting for the chance—not to expose themselves, but to reveal directions and signposts to our highest perceptive realizations and thinking. Several years further into training as I drove to work, a sudden bright but tiny flash of orange light by the side of the road caught my attention.
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The Path Less Travelled: Expanding your horizons with Technical Remote Viewing.
Having learned Technical Remote Viewing, I was given for graduation (metaphorically speaking) a diving mask. Now when I go into the ocean I can see underwater! Down there below me is a whole new world which in actuality has been there all along. How could I not have experienced this amazing place until now? I can see beautiful fish, sea slugs, lobsters and other living things (which I have no idea what they’re called) clinging to submerged volcanic rocks. But I want to learn more.
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Into The Void: One student's out-of-this-world experience with Remote Viewing.
It was the sixth day of my TRV training. I’d been struggling to make sense of it all. How could a bunch of random words and a sketch or three prove that I was on target? I felt as though I was fighting to stay objective. Grounded. Joni has a grave look on her face. Something ominous is taking place here. She lies the folder down for me to read, and the words written upon it claw into my mind with unyielding force.
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