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Today is May 20th, 2018.
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TRV University Overview
Welcome to TRV University!

TRVU is the premiere training resource for remote viewing instruction.

TRV University Administration
TRV University Auditorium
What is TRV?
Feeling a little bedazzled by all of the various buildings and remote viewing terminology? Let Professor Ideo, our virtual instructor, guide you through three short lectures on remote viewing and its applications.

Click here to visit Professor Ideo.
Enroll in TRV Unversity courses, see all course offerings, TRVU policies, renew your support membership, and other administrative functions.
Watch films about TRV, how TRV is performed, the TRVU student orientation, and more!
Lecture Hall
Student Commons
Read past newsletters, TRV Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and other TRVU related literature.
Continue your TRV training, go over past course material, and view all available courses in the lecture hall.
Discuss TRV with other students online, in both real-time forums and bulletin-board style discussion forums.
Student dormitories
Get training support, extra training targets, live tutoring, and other practice suggestions in the Laboratory.
View and modify your student account information, and set your personal prefereneces.
Purchase books, TRV supplies and other TRV-related materials.
TRV University News

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