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TRV University Overview
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TRVU is the premiere training resource for remote viewing instruction.

TRV 101: Frequently Asked Questions - Stage 2
TRV 101: Frequently Asked Questions - Stage 2

   Q: During S2 when a percept arises that is not constituent with that particular sense (let's say Textures), but is a percept that belongs to a previous sense already explored (let's say Colors),can we include this or should it be declared AOL? I know this is a basic here, but clarification would be greatly appreciated.

A: AOL. It is out of structure, and should be declared as such. Even if it turns out to be correct, it is a very bad habit.

   (If you neglected to add the required baking soda to the cake mix, would you pull the cake out of the oven to 'correct' the error? Better to remember the procedural mistake/omission and not repeat it, next cake session).

   Incidentally, in S2, if a color presents twice (indicating its preeminence), list it twice.

   Q: In a recent session while doing my S2 smells I got "smoky". There was no reason for this odd word to come to mind so strongly and had I been in S4 I would have listed it under AOLS. Instead I treated it as AOL and moved on. In such a case would you simply list "smoky" under smells, though it doesn't appear on the accepted list of words, list it as AOL or list it as AOLS off to the side?

A: In stage 4 you may put "smoky" in the S column but in S2, "smoky" would be listed as an AOL- off to the side.

   Q: I am using the checklists, but I have noticed that, during the S2 phase, more often words are "popping" into my mind before I get to them in the checklist. If I am writing down colors, for instance, and the word "green" pops into my mind before I read it, is it okay to write it down? I don't want my imagination to get hold -- but if I am not getting any kind of visual or "idea" about the target, I'm thinking it is OK to use the words that pop into my head.

A: You are correct. The checklist is only for training purposes to jump-start your S2 percepts (in order). Abandon the checklist when you no longer need it.

   Q: Level 1 S2-For the last 7 or 8 targets Red, White & Blue keep washing/flooding out of my pen before any other colors have a chance. Most of the actual targets have not contained all three of those colors. When will this problem disappear?

A: Be patient leash training your puppy and concentrate on speed and staying in structure. Unfortunately, the data gets more accurate when you stop caring about it so much!

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