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TRV University Overview
Technical Remote Viewing University Admissions & Student Policies

Basic guidelines and procedures at TRVU.

Technical Remote Viewing University Admissions & Student Policies
   In order to provide a condusive environment towards learning, TRV University requires the student to meet certain guidelines.

  Online Training Requirements
   1. Computer System Requirements:

   Windows System Requirements:

   Minimum system: A Pentium 166 Mhz processor using Windows 98, NT4, 2000, ME, or XP with 128 MB of RAM and a 56k dial-up Internet connection.

   Recommended System: 1.2 Ghz or faster processor with Windows 2000 or XP and 256MB of RAM, along with a broadband cable or DSL Internet connection.

   Macintosh System Requirements:

   Minimum System: 133 Mhz processor using OS 8.5 or higher, with a 56K dial-up Internet connection.

   Recommended System: 300 Mhz or faster G4 processor with a broadband cable or DSL Internet connection.

   2. Browser Requirements:

   Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, Netscape Navigator 7.x or higher, or Opera 6 or higher. Apple Quicktime, Windows Media, or RealOne Player must be installed to view the training videos.

   3. Training Area Requirements:

   A quiet study area with enough desk space for a workbook, training aids, and comfortable writing on multiple sheets of paper.

   4. Practice Requirements:

   Allocated offline training time of 2 hours per day, for 3 days per week for 6 weeks; plus at least 3 hours per week performing assigned "offline" training.
  Student Code of Conduct Agreement
   TRV University (TRVU) courses are made available to each registered student for the sole purpose of providing Technical Remote Viewing (TRV) instruction. It is expected that each student who registers seriously intends to learn TRV technology.

   Each TRV University student account is provided for the exclusive use of the individual student registered and authorized by TRVU to use the account. Enrollment is non-transferable. You may not allow others to log in to TRVU using your account. You may not allow others to view any TRV University lectures, classroom training, videos or online workbook contents (TRAINING MATERIALS.)

   All TRVU training is proprietary. A student may not copy, publish or distribute any TRVU TRAINING MATERIALS. Students may not reveal TRV U training methods, techniques or protocols or discuss them with non-TRV U students or graduates. Students may not copy, modify, alter or reverse engineer TRV techniques, protocols or training methods.

   Current or former TRVU students, TRVU Graduates or TRVU Certified Licensed Graduates may not teach the TRV techniques to others or represent themselves as TRV instructors.

   You agree not to use the TRVU courses for the purpose of auditing TRVU or TRVU courses, investigating, reviewing, or comparing TRVU or the TRV techniques and protocols to other training methodologies.

   Students are expected to behave respectfully to their instructors and other students. Fighting, abusive behavior or the use of profanity in the chat rooms and forums will not be tolerated. When violations occur or problems arise, warnings will be issued and/or disciplinary action will be taken. If a student fails to abide by warnings issued by TRVU personnel or refuses to comply with instructions, their access to TRVU is subject to termination. In such cases, a percentage of the remainder of their tuition may be refunded, at TRVU's discretion (not to exceed 20% of the full tuition) and they will be denied further access to TRVU facilities.

   You recognize that failure to abide by any of the above terms may subject you to termination of your TRVU Account, forfeiture of all access privileges and/or litigation by TRV University to recover damages. In such cases, you agree to pay for all court costs incurred by TRV University or its representatives.

   Upon successful completion of all program work, students will be issued an official "TRV University Certificate of Completion." This certificate will entitle the graduate to retain his/her student account, access to certain TRVU resources, such as the Administration building, Library, and Lecture Hall will be granted, as well as automatic acceptance into advanced TRV training programs and graduate projects.

  Program Time Extension Policy
   Students may request an extension of time to complete their program. Each extension automatically adds 21 days to the allotted program schedule. Up to 3 extensions per program are allowed. Special exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis. If a student withdraws from a program and does not request an extension, or a student does not participate in required program training activities within the allotted program schedule, up to 3 extensions will be granted automatically.

   If after the final extension has run out, and the student has not participated in required program training activities, the student's account will be closed and he/she will be dropped from TRVU.

  Refund Policy
   Students withdrawing from a program within 2 weeks of their activation date will be entitled to a 50% tuition refund (prepaid accounts only). In the case of payment plan accounts, the payment plan would remain in effect until 50% of the tuition was paid.

   However if a student withdraws at any time, upon proper notification of TRVU, they can be granted a "Program Time Extension" of up to one year.
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