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TRV University Overview
Watch The TRV U Videos

Watch informative videos which explain how Technical Remote Viewing works, including the New Student Orientation, at the Auditorium Building.

About Technical Remote Viewing University
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  • http://www.trvuniversity.com -- The Technical Remote Viewing University is the premiere learning institution for the development of professional remote viewing skills.

  • http://www.matrixaccess.com -- Matrix Center for Remote Viewing & Advanced Mind Technology A revolution in self-empowerment for a new evolution: the worlds most progressive Mind Tools for enhanced living with cutting edge self-improvement tools & skills from Zygon & PSI TECH, a revolution in human evolution is here.

  • http://www.remoteviewinghistory.com -- The Truth About Its Transfer From Top Secret Military Espionage To Corporate America

  • http://www.fighttech.com -- FIGHT TECH Inc. The Next step in PSI- Physical Evolution * The True PSI Samurai*

  • http://www.remoteviewing.com -- Remote Viewing 24 hour chatroom.

  • http://www.jonidourif.com -- Jonina Dourif's Webpage Joni's personal webpage with her bio, pics and various articles she has written.

  • http://www.psifx.com -- Using Remote Viewing to predict the direction of tommorrow's Forex (FX) market.

  • http://www.trv.com/professorideo/ -- Meet Professor Gestaltus Ideo who Explains "Remote Viewing" Clearly! Let Our Virtual Professor Explain the Origins, Applications & How Remote Viewing Works in a Simple, Concise & Entertaining way!

  • http://www.militaryremoteviewers.com -- Military Remote Viewers Articles and information about the U.S. military Remote Viewing program.

  • http://www.mind-tek.com -- Mind Tek Research Advanced Mind Power, Self Improvement, Memory, Learning, and Meditation tools, books, and audio CD programs.

  • http://www.psitech.net -- PSI TECH Information on Technical Remote Viewing and training opportunities.

  • http://www.themeatrix.com/ -- Pele's Pet Peeve: An Illuminating Animation about Factory Farming.

  • http://www.remoteviewer.org -- Compiled biographies of known Remote Viewers Ingo Swan claims this site is the most accurate Re: current RVers!

  • http://www.psi-search.com -- Remote Viewing across the nation. How is remote viewing different than being psychic?

  • http://www.knightbilham.com/warriorspath.html -- The photography of Robert Knight.

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