TRV Questions Answered

By Jeff Lucas
January 3, 2003

I am requesting a practical day to day schedule for a number and frequency of practice sessions per day/week. I have a 40 hour work week, with minimal stress. Also, what would be better, morning or evening sessions? Thanks.

Weeks 1 through 3: When learning S1-S3, ideally, 2-4 sessions a day (remember, at least 15 minutes between sessions), or 4 sessions every other day.

Week 4 and beyond: 1 session a day, or 2 sessions every two days (with at least 45 minutes between sessions). Time of day is of no objective consideration in TRV. Avoid working when you are tired - TRV requires the viewer to be alert and attentive. As always, any other physical inclemencies will vitiate the quality of your work. Also, (particularly for beginners), remove all bright/colorful/shiny objects from your immediate direct and peripheral fields of view. Otherwise. the bright colors will stimulate imagination and potentially steer you off course.

When time does not permit me to work for up to an hour, is it ok to go back to doing short (S1 to S3) sessions?

After you have installed the TRV skills beyond S3 there's no use to only do targets up to S3. This is the equivalent of having learned a language enough to be adept to converse, then reverting back to pidgin or "baby talk." Remember, in TRV, the first 30 minutes of a session serves to gain the viewer closer target contact for the remaining 15 minutes where you will perceive the most accurate data.

Since I still am learning the ropes, so to speak, about TRV. I really would like to know how most people get in the mood. Get in tune, or whatever one does to connect with the MATRIX?

It has been reported by many TRVers that using our Mind Prep CDs, just prior to a session are very helpful. But they are not necessary. The TRV structure "gets you in the mood" (takes you into the proper state) while you are doing it. So, just DO IT!

I know the Matrix understands the concepts of "next", "last", "present" etc. But, does the matrix understand the idea of "next Friday" ?

Great question. On Thursday I would consider tomorrow "this coming Friday" and "next Friday" next week. However, the problem here, is that "next Friday" means different Fridays to different folks. If the Friday that you want to view is "tomorrow" then just cue it "Tomorrow." If you want to TRV the "next Friday" put; "In eight days (Friday)/ ..." Put Friday in parenthesis. It really is a misnomer to ask if "the matrix understands," because in reality it is the viewer who struggles to understand the Matrix.

So if you cued it on any Thursday wouldn't the Matrix consider it to be in the next 24 hours?

It's been my experience that the collective has no problem with "Tomorrow." However, if "next" is ambiguous in the (collective) unconscious minds of people, then you run the risk of unconscious grabbing the most interesting and/or novel Friday.

Now if you say next 7 days for example I would think that has an objective meaning. It means 7 complete rotations of the Earth on its own axis.

"Next seven Days" and "Next Week" both work for me. Sometimes, it's not exact though. If a novel, important, or big event occurs on the 8th or 9 day after "the seven days" or "the week" then unconscious will most likely grab that as well.

How can one be sure that there isn't always a telepathy link between the person who created the cue and a TRVer working that cue?

There is a telepathy link between the tasker and the viewer, especially if it's a long term routine between them. However, telepathic overlay cannot proceed past the initial S3 provided the viewer is in TRV structure and keeps up a snappy pace.

When using photographic material when creating my targets, will printer quality (i.e. graininess of printed picture) affect my outcome? Thanks! I'm excited about learning this stuff.

No, it will not. Remember you are TRVing the REMOTE SITE - not the photograph. The photograph (if the target package is created correctly) acts only as reference material or feedback, which is particularly important to measure your progress while you are learning the skill of TRV.

Can we declare AIs anywhere and anytime in the session if necessary?

AI's should be declared where ever they surface and the pen briefly dropped afterwards. AI's should only be invited at the end of S2's and when prompted in the S4 & S6 tables. They should never be entertained. If AI's do become too prevalent at any point during a session, take a break until they dissipate. Not even an experinced TRVer can work through a session successfully sitting on unobjectified AI's.

When in a session it's not uncommon that I will get an idea or short visual flash that was clearly an AOL/S (that is Analytical Overlay of the Signal line.) A good example would be when my target was a nuclear facility that had a large dome like structure central to It, I got the "flash" of a large balloon, the type used to carry people underneath. Very similar visually to the dome structure. When doing a balloon target I got a "flash" of the US Capitol dome. Again very similar visually, and certainly a great clue, assuming I had the sense to know it was an AOL/S. While I'm on this subject let me carry this one step further. When in S4 I have gotten some incredibly descriptive words of the target, that came right out of the blue and were in fact quite cunning. Sometimes these descriptors, not only are accurate, but also carry with them a sense of humor so to speak - delivering data in a humorous manner. Why does this occur? Thanks!

Psychic accuracy depends upon the deliberate system of moving from bite size pieces of gestalt data to bite size pieces of specific data, so, that is why it grabs on to the gestalt (dome) shapes first. The humor is that it has to contend with filtering through your unconscious (not to mention, then having to use your senses and physicality as the tool for expression.) Only you know what hides in the depths of your personal thesaurus. Your individual library perhaps has a wide selection of humor.

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