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Leah Freeman Mystery Unveiled By TRV

January 17, 2003

      On the afternoon of June 28, 2000, Leah Freeman was dropped off at her friend's home in Coquille, Oregon by her boyfriend. He was to pick her up at 9:00 PM. For unknown reasons, she left her friend's home by foot en route to her home.

      But Leah, age 15, never returned home that night. Her mother awoke at 3:00 AM to check on Leah and discovered her missing.

      Leah's body was discovered on August 3, 2000 in a wooded area about 12 miles away in the Fairview area of Coos County, Oregon.

      To this day, Leah's distraught mother still does not know the official cause of death, as the death certificate stated "homicidal violence" and "pending investigation." No arrests have been made in this case, and the stress of this ordeal has taken a great toll on the family. Leah's father suffered a heart attack since his daughter's death.

      In August of 2002, PSI TECH was contacted by Leah's mother who informed us of the tragic circumstances and asked if we could assist her. She explained that another remote viewer had publicly claimed via a radio broadcast that he had made promises to her (to find her daughter's killer), but that she had never spoken to him before and nothing came of his promises.

       At the time when she contacted PSI TECH, the Special Operations Team was booked solid with other urgent cases. PSI TECH's President, Joni Dourif, responded and informed Leah's mother that she would assign one of our advanced TRV trainees to the case.

      The advanced Technical Remote Viewer took charge as team leader and formed his own cadre of PSI TECH TRV trainees.

      Six viewers worked various aspects of the case. All of them were blind to the nature and identity of the targets, meaning they had no idea what the subject was that they were working.

      The following aspects of the crime were investigated using Technical Remote Viewing:

  • 1. Death Event
  • 2. Motivation
  • 3. Leah's first interaction with the killer
  • 4. Identity of the killer
  • 5. Evidence to pursue in order to secure a conviction

      The Technical Remote Viewing data, compiled in over 500 pages of session work, including a sketched map of the perpetrator's home, pointed to one individual. On November 20, 2002, a report which identified the killer and detailed the aforementioned five aspects of the crime was delivered to the Coos County Sheriff's Department.

      We can not yet release the complete specifics contained in the report, as this case is still under investigation. However, there are several primary conclusions that the TRV team has reached that we wish to make public to all concerned at this time:

Death Event:

  • 1. Leah was murdered.
  • 2. Forced sex and alcohol or drugs were involved.


  • 1. Leah was pregnant, or believed to be pregnant by the perpetrator.

Identity of the killer:

  • 1. The killer knew her well.
  • 2. Identity: (Name withheld.)

      Law enforcement officers have the entire five page report containing the complete conclusions and corroborated data in its entirety, including information on individuals believed to be aware of the events leading up to the crime and evidence to pursue to secure a conviction.

      Since no progress or arrests have been made and no developments have occurred in the last two and a half years, it is likely that this case has essentially been abandoned, as unfortunately occurs when a case becomes cold and law enforcement need to devote their attention and resources to pursuing more immediate problems.

      However, feedback from a law enforcement officer investigating this case has been positive. The investigator has told the TRV team manager that he "knew" some of the information that the TRVers provided, but that the TRV team had fleshed it out and the police intend to "run with it."

      Early this month one of the TRV team members visited Leah's mother in Coquille and went to the various sites connected with this case. Leah's mother was grateful for the participation of the TRV team and explained how helpful and supportive the people of Coquille had been immediately following her daughter's disappearance, displaying photos and yellow ribbons everywhere in the center of town.

      We have since learned that the person identified in the TRV team's report as the killer confirmed the suspicions of Leah's mother. This individual utterly failed a lie detector test.

      A killer is on the loose and a community may still be in danger. It is our hope that the new leads developed by the report renew interest in this case and that the perpetrator is brought to justice and so the grieving family may finally receive closure. Thanks to our special cadre of project TRVers, the mystery of Leah Freemans's demise may be solved.

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