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TRV Targets Laci Peterson Disappearance

January 24, 2003

       Since 1997, PSI TECH has posted Targets Of The Week in their online classroom for their trainees. These targets are worked blind so only eight numbers are posted for the participants to see. These numbers are called Target Reference NumbersTM (TRNs) and they are randomly generated and posted at the beginning of each week. A chosen target is attached to these TRNs by PSI TECH’s Director of Training. These targets are carefully selected because they are designed to challenge each viewer's TRV skills and to push them to the next level. We generally have a good mixture of beginners, intermediate and advanced viewers who regularly participate and post their work each week.

      There is not a general theme for target category of the Targets Of The Week so the experienced viewers know not to expect or assume anything before they begin their sessions. It could be a cell or a planet, a person, or a concept or an event. It could be an unknown or a future trajectory or it could be a past event. The successful viewers learn to not assume anything before they begin their Target Of the Week sessions.

      Last week the target that was posted was the Laci Peterson Disappearance Event. We had such a remarkable turn out of corroborating data from the TRV participants that we thought it should be the subject of this week's The Signal Line E-zine.

      The data collected by the viewers was in the form of words and sketches. TRV is a highly specialized skill and the data is not interpretable to the unlearned eye and so we are presenting only the following analysis of the recorded data.

      So far what has been corroborated is the following:


TRV Preliminary Report

Laci Peterson Disappearance Event

January 24, 2003

The following information is based on Technical Remote Viewing data.

  • Laci Peterson and her unborn child are dead and the deaths were not the result of an accident.

  • Laci was murdered following a struggle and the cause of Laci's death appears to be trauma inflicted by a hand held object.

  • The killer is a male and his primary focus was her unborn child.

  • The target site is outside and undulating with humming and rushing sounds present.

  • Laci was murdered near or is currently submerged and trapped in a body of water, in the vicinity of a bridge, pier, or dam.
  • For more information on Laci Peterson, visit

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