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Why Was This Target Chosen for the TRV Contest?

By Joni Dourif, President of PSI TECH
February 8, 2002

PSI TECH's President Joni Dourif with the target feedback
      Last December we held a TRV Contest in response to a continuous stream of requests to do so. Since PSI TECH's TRV Advanced Training System is on the verge of release, I thought that this would be a great opportunity to give the advanced tapes to a winning Technical Remote Viewer (aka TRVer). However, then I had to go about the task of choosing an appropriate target for the contest. I didn't want to choose one that would be too easy and I didn't want one that would too difficult either. So, I thought about it for a few days and decided to choose one that we (PSI TECH) have been using as a training target for over ten years. To my pleasant surprise, over the weeks to follow, we had many contest entries. Sessions were sent in from throughout the United States and Canada and several came from overseas. Yesterday, when the target was unveiled, many people asked, "Why did you pick that target?" So, I decided to make the answer to that question the subject of today's The Signal Line E-zine article.

       The target I chose was "The Statue of Liberty." This is a bit of a trick target because it resembles a person, however, it is a man-made structure. A trained TRVer perceives the ideas of "life-form" and "man made" within the first few minutes. Then as the viewer progresses through the TRV protocols, going from general gestalts to more specific percepts, the next ideas that inevitably pop up are "water, people and activity". The sketches begin to resemble concrete angles with a flat surface on water and intangible ideas emerge such as: "patriotic and discovery." As our TRVers get closer and closer to the target, emotions from the people who are present (real time) at the target site begin to percolate up. Emotions such as "amusement, happy, and awe" in conjunction with tangible data such as: "island, concrete, landmark, and crowds." Most sketches around this point begin to mimic images of the unique winding stair well inside of the hollow Statue of Liberty structure. Several contestants ended their sessions at this point, concluding that the target had something to do with the "events involving the current war on terrorism." However, had they continued pursuing the data by employing their skills, they would have realized their rush in judgment.

       The TRVers, who continued to persevere against this target, next began to perceive more sophisticated intangible ideas such as: "historical, right of passage, new land, liberty, freedom, and immigration." This target is rich with intangibles. The sketches around this point also become more refined and begin to resemble a crude figure with an arm in the air, on top of an angular platform, with signs of water at the base. Now, the emotions of "amusement and awe" of the people at the target site in conjunction with the ideas of "patriotic and freedom" begin to paint quite a different picture.

       Now, let me tell you that every single contest entry (that was in TRV structure) actually "got the target." Not one of them missed it. However, only a few followed through with a thorough investigation of the target site and finished downloading the rest of the data. So, in actuality, the Statue of Liberty is not a difficult target to perceive but it is a very rich one. Rich in history, meaning, functionality, image and structural detail. This has been a great training target for years because of the fact that the TRVer who perseveres until the session is completed ends up sketching the target so successfully that the corroborating data make the end conclusion an obvious one.

       Congratulations to (one of) our European TRVers who won the contest! However, there were many runners-up, as well. Like I said everyone "got the target." Some just stuck with it longer than others. The winning session is translated from a foreign language into English, by the viewer, and is posted below for all to see.

Click here to view the winning TRV session.

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