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Remote Viewing - Ethical Issues and Osama bin Laden's Present Location

By Joni Dourif, President of PSI TECH
February 22, 2002

Joni Dourif, President of PSI TECH
      When people first learn about remote viewing and some of its uses, the most common question I hear is, "Aren't you invading peoples privacy? What about Ethics?"

      After all, we have used this technology for the past decade to track criminals. We openly talk about "mind probes" and looking at peoples "intent". We are known for using TRV to cure psychological and physical disorders. We can probe memory banks and minds of individuals to excavate past traumas or forgotten events. We investigate dreams and we encourage people to use TRV to find their optimum life paths and even to locate their optimum mates. We make no bones about it as we speak very matter of factly about these common applications of this technology. "If these claims are real, then aren't TRV'ers really just high-tech peeping toms?"

      It is true, that TRV was discovered in the early 80's by the Department of Defense. Their interest did not include "self-help" purposes. The government's investment cost them 20 million dollars and remote viewing paid for itself, and then some, as an adjunct "spy technology." Sometimes it was tasked when there was no other way to find out specific information, and in this venue Remote Viewing shined. However, as news leaked out about this classified spy technology, curiosity grew and some personnel wanted to know more while others wrote it off as "unbelievable" or "nonsense." It was no secret that about ten years was the expected time span to be able to hide such a "hot potato" like this technology. Controversy gathered quickly and the few who recognized what was happening quietly and swiftly ushered this "hot potato" out of the military oven. In the civilian sector, as a private corporation, (named PSI TECH) another class of interest emerged which was geared more toward personalized self help.

      However, today because of the "War on Terror" I find us in a precarious position. We feel obligated to look out for our national defense and safety and this we do generously. But do we have an obligation to the public to release adjunct information that does not pose a direct threat to the public? This question has left me in a quandary today because we have looked at Osama bin Laden's present location and to my surprise we find him alive and being held captive. He is injured and would prefer to die and become a martyr for his cause. However his captors are keeping him alive. We have not yet determined the nationality of his captors or their motives. We have a general idea of his location but that data has not yet been verified by other blind TRV sessions. This data came as a surprise to me as I had figured that he was dead. None of our information supported my opinion, not even my own. In fact, all of the TRV data combined from various sessions completed within the last few days paints a picture that his location is in a type of underground facility, perhaps a bunker.

       I have included a few sketches (below) from a couple different TRV sessions to demonstrate the data veracity. However, this has been a sad time for us with the kidnappings of Danielle Van Dam and Daniel Pearl, both of whom we TRVed and concluded to be dead before recent reports surfaced in the media. This kind of predicament leaves us feeling sad and helpless. This amazing technology provides us with a close up view and turning our attention to so much hatred and deviancy for a preview is sometimes hard to take.

       Here is our preliminary data about Osama bin Laden's present location. We hope that the appropriate people with the proper intent find this useful. I know that "appropriate and proper" are relative terms, as "one man's terrorist is another mans hero." But accountability is not relative and truth is our concern.

Update: 03/01/02 Special Dispatch - Tracking Osama bin Laden
Update: 02/23/02 Special Dispatch - Osama bin Laden's Location - Click here to View Map

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