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Technical Remote Viewing Applications: What Can TRV Do For Me?

February 28, 2003

      When our students learn Technical Remote Viewing and realize how effective the technology is, one of their most commonly asked questions is, "How can I incorporate this skill into my every day life?" TRV originated as a militarily applied intelligence collection tool and as such, it has a myriad of applications for problem solving.

      Click on the following links to see just some of the ways TRV has been applied by professional remote viewers as well as average people from all over the world.

The Optimum TrajectoryTM - Find Your Optimum Life Path

How Optimum Trajectories Affect One's Future
The Practical Applications Of TRV
Optimum Trajectories And Free Will
A Student's Experience With Her O.T.

Medical Diagnosis & Treatment

Neurosurgeon Uses TRV To Solve Medical Problem

Find Missing Items & Locations

My Last "I bet You Can't Remote View It" Bet
Be Careful What You Task For
Technical Remote Viewer Locates Missing Cat
Lost For Days And Found In Minutes

Government, Military & Investigative Applications

PSI TECH's Iraq Project: U.N. Arms Inspection Team Support
Targeting Iraq's Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Letter To The White House, DIA
Video: L.A.F.D. Helicopter Crash/Cause
Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra 10E
TWA Flight 800 Explosion - Final Report To The NTSB
Flight 800 - News Reports
Flight 800 - System Failure Sketch
Cause Of Egyptair Flight 990 Disaster

Law Enforcement & Counterterrorism

TRV Session Leads Police Investigators to the Location of a Stolen Cash Register
PSI TECH 911 Project Preliminary Report
Confirmation of PSI TECH's October 6th 2001 Preliminary Report on Terrorism

Personal Problem Solving

TRV Identifies Student's Christmas Gift
Is It A Boy Or A Girl?
Finding One's Optimal Employment Opportunity
A Mother's Time Machine
See "The Optimum Trajectory" section above for more examples of personal applications.

Unexplained & Anomalous Phenomena

Guardian Angels - Do They Exist?
Life After Death: The Mystery Unveiled
The Real X-Files
Remote Viewing "God"
Targeting Anomalous Features On Mars
PSI TECH Identifies Source of "Mars Probe Signal"

Enhance Creativity & Awareness

Profile Of An Artist & TRV Student
Spontaneous PSI Events

Corporate & Business Applications

Examples Of PSI TECH's Past Corporate Contracts
15 Minutes Solves Energy Problem Using Technical Remote Viewing
Electrician Uses The Power Of Technical Remote Viewing

Demonstrations, Contests & Training Sessions

Video: Blind TRV Demonstration for Television News Crew
Beginner Level Blind TRV Session: The Pentagon
Intermediate Level Blind TRV session: Next Passenger Airline Disaster
2002 TRV Contest Winning Session
2003 TRV Contest Winning Session

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