Special Report: Tracking Osama bin Laden

By PSI TECH Staff Writer
March 1, 2002

      Last week PSI TECH presented data about the present location of Osama bin Laden. We concluded that bin Laden is alive, although injured, and he is presently (on Feb 22, 02) in what appears to be the country of Bangladesh. Below this article, we have presented a collage containing a small sample of our TRV session sketches and the corresponding physical structures in Bangladesh. All of our TRV data was retrieved using only pen, paper, TRV structure, and a team of viewers with highly trained and disciplined minds.

       In every PSI TECH project, each viewer works independently and is not allowed to collaborate, compare, or share data with other remote viewers. However, an amazing thing occurs when a team is employed in any TRV project. Often, the work is divided up at the unconscious level, with each viewer perceiving a different piece of the solution to the problem. The Matrix and the remote viewers' personal unconsciouses frequently looks ahead to the available reference material that the eventual session analyst will have access to, and uses that to select the items of information and data that will be downloaded by the remote viewers. That reference material could be an atlas on the analyst's bookshelf, a TV news program that will be seen the next day, an existing memory in the analyst's mind, or articles and images that will appear during an internet search.

       In Stage 3, one PSI TECH Technical Remote Viewer, completely blind to the nature of the target, spontaneously sketched the flag of the country associated with Osama bin Laden's location and had the same reoccurring colors throughout his session - the colors of the national flag of Bangladesh. Another viewer sketched Central Shahid Minar, a prominent symbol of Bengali nationalism. Another viewer sketched the National Memorial, which is dedicated to the sacred memory of the martyrs of the 1971 War of Liberation. Several viewers performed a Geographic Vector, an advanced TRV tool for mapping out the location of a target. Refined follow-up targeting was performed after the initial Sessions were analyzed, further confirming and providing corroborative data pointing to the location.

       Four viewers perceived a male individual who was alive, but injured. Determining whether a person is dead or alive is one of the easiest things for a trained Technical Remote Viewer to do. PSI TECH has never once been incorrect about matters of life or death.

       The aforementioned examples and sketches pictured below are just a small sample of the data that was collected during this project, and we continue to collect more refined data.

TRV Session Sketches

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