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By Jeff Lucas
March 15, 2002

       Over the last thirteen years, PSI TECH has trained thousands of people to remote view - to access their innate ability to obtain information on virtually any subject matter, on demand. Any person, regardless of their background, can be trained in this powerful mind technology. Whether a person comes to us believing that it works, or arrives as a skeptic, once they are trained and follow the structure as we teach it, they are able to remote view.

       Upon realizing that they have the ability to successfully remote view, every person who learns TRV is forever changed. Their paradigm is dramatically shifted and their horizons are expanded. Abilities that they had always been told were impossible are suddenly possible. Their lives will never be the same.

How is TRV possible?

       According to our theory, every event that has ever occurred, every detail about every person, thing, thought, or idea exists as a pattern of information located in a giant database that the discoverer of the techniques termed "The Matrix." The information stored in this database is always available, 24 hours a day, and constantly flowing into your mind. Although you may not be consciously aware of it, you are always accessing it. However, the data is flowing too fast, flooding through in such vast amounts, that in your conscious state, without proper training, you can not recognize, process, or understand it. It is theorized that humans may have been engineered with this liminal gate, to protect our minds from being overwhelmed, or short-circuited due to unfettered access to such an infinite amount of knowledge and information. Before Technical Remote Viewing was developed, only natural psychics (and usually only randomly) could select from that free-flowing information and pull out data in form that could be recognized and understood.

      Each person possesses the innate ability to remote view, just as they have the ability to speak. But like language, remote viewing skills must be trained properly in order to be effective. As humans, we are born with the ability to use our vocal chords to make noises, but we can not effectively communicate with others until we first learn a language that uses commonly understood and accepted grammatical structure. Technical Remote Viewing is the language in which the human mind perceives psychically derived data, and transmits it to conscious awareness.

      Using specific techniques that we teach, TRV allows any person to grab hold of the weak signal of a target, lock-on to it, and take the data slowly in small enough bites that can be processed by the their mind. While TRVing, you are fully alert and conscious, constantly collecting and writing down this data in order, from the general to the specific, and then objectifying it on your paper in the form of descriptive words and sketches. You are not "going" anywhere when you are remote viewing. Your target exists as a pattern of information, in The Matrix, and you are reconstructiong that pattern using your pen, during a 45-minute period. It was this discovery and set of standardized techniques which allowed anyone to be trained to remote view more accurately than the best 'natural' psychics. We have found that our students are now getting better, faster. Because the TRV structure has now been learned by thousands of individuals and followed by each person exactly as we teach it, the structure itself has created a deeper "groove" in the Matrix. It is a known quantity. The collective unconscious knows exactly what you are attempting to do, when you engage in the TRV process.

      All PSI TECH's trained remote viewers immediately achieve contact with a target by following this set of strictly followed protocols which allow the viewer to consistently download accurate information, in a highly structured manner, while their conscious mind remains completely blind to the nature of the target. Technical Remote Viewing is an attention management skill, and like any other skill, takes commitment and practice to become proficient. Similar to learning a martial art, our rigorous training program installs the skill of TRV into the viewer's autonomic nervous system, so that the process becomes robotic, like second nature. The viewer does not have to stop to think about what to do next (which would invite imagination) or analyze what they are perceiving, and every Technical Remote Viewer does it the same way.

       Your unconcious mind is your best friend, and a master problem solver, if you learn how to stay out of its way. When properly trained using this powerful tool, we can allow our unconscious minds free reign to grab hold of direct knowledge, demanding the order in which it delivers us the data, while free to move around the target site, and using the structure to prevent imagination from bringing the session to a grinding halt. The viewer's data remains untainted by imagination and analysis, which is separated from true target related data using our specific trained techniques. 50% of one's conscious attention remains occupied, attending to TRV structure, while the other 50% is focused on the target site. The TRV techniques result in an accurate transfer of information from the viewer's unconscious mind into conscious awareness, before the aware, creative, and analytical part of the mind has time to distort, contaminate, or otherwise interfere with the data flow. It is this brilliant structure which allows the viewer to hold contact with the signal line, passing information in the form of descriptive data and sketches, unfiltered, from your unconscious mind to conscious awareness.

      In every PSI TECH project, each viewer works independently and is not allowed to collaborate, compare, or share data with other remote viewers. However, as we have often stated, an amazing thing occurs when a team is employed in any TRV project. Often, the work is divided up at the unconscious level, with each viewer perceiving a different piece of the solution to the problem. For example, last year, several PSI TECH viewers were tasked against the target: [Mother's name's] Unborn Fetus / Gender. Each viewer worked the target blind and was only provided with a set of eight random numbers which were assigned to the target. One viewer called the target, sketched a baby, and perceived it to be a male. Another viewer sketched items usually associated with males of our species, including race cars, guns, footballs, and male-oriented sports. Yet another viewer clearly sketched the symbol for "male" - the circle with a diagonal line and arrow. Each viewer's unconscious knew immediately what the problem was and the tasker's intent, and then proceeded to present data that answered the question and solved the problem in the most elegant and obvious manner. Although each viewer came up with different pieces of data associated with the target, all of the information combined to produce a composite which could only result in one conclusion for the analyst - that the child was a male. Six months later, the child was born and the TRV data proved to be accurate.

       Technical Remote Viewing provides those who use it with the ability to produce highly accurate and consistent data on any target. This was a historic first. The procedures were so consistent and promising, that it was continually funded by U.S. military intelligence for over ten years, and transferred to the private sector by PSI TECH in 1989, availing civilians of the technology for the first time. PSI TECH broke new ground, taking many risks bringing this technology to you and we remain committed to our original mission of availing the public at large with this powerful and unique problem solving tool.

Announcing PSI TECH's new Matrix Research CenterTM

      We continue to teach the techniques via our pioneering distance-learning programs, our recently announced TRV University, and we are currently building a state-of-the-art research and training center - The Matrix Research Center. Spread over one hundred acres of the most beautiful land in Hawaii, we are utilizing highly advanced and environmentally friendly technology to construct it, including a completely independent solar power system and satellite internet technology. And yes, the exact location of this training center was first determined via Technical Remote Viewing, years before we had the capability or resources to construct it. Our new research center will provide the optimal environment for remote viewers, scientists, researchers, analysts and professional consultants from all over the world to work together to advance Technical Remote Viewing. At PSI TECH, we don't just talk about remote viewing, we are in the business of applying it and teaching it. It is an integral part of our lives. As professionals, we remote view every day and use it in our own lives to improve our products which in turn increase the ability of our students to successfully learn TRV.

       Whether the target is as simple as an unborn baby's gender, a medical problem, a criminal investigation, the answer to a seminal choice in one's life, or a person's optimum career, TRV can provide valuable direct knowledge to all who have the patience and discipline to learn it. Stay tuned to our web site for more information and updates on our TRV University and our Matrix Research Center project. We invite everyone who wishes to learn this unique skill, to come to PSI TECH for training and participate in what we know is the most important advancement in human potential ever developed. If this is your first introduction to TRV, you are welcome to participate in our online discussions. In addition to the open forums, our current Generation II training course students may continue to develop and advance their skills by accessing our unequaled support network of trainees and professional instructors.

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