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Fifteen Minutes Solves Energy Problem Using Technical Remote Viewing

March 29, 2002

       Last week, Derek, one of our new TRV Basic Training Course students from California, solved a complex problem in only fifteen minutes. His session won PSI TECH's Gold Star of the Week Award.

       Since 1997, PSI TECH has posted weekly Technical Remote Viewing "Targets of the Week" for our Online Training Center students. Each target is carefully chosen to teach specific TRV skills and the viewers are completely blind to the name and nature of the target.

The Target of the Week was:

[Optimal Energy for Power System / PSI TECH R&D Center / Next 12 Months]

      However, the trainees were only given the following numbers: 0330/4923. This was a completely blind target.

       From his first sketch, he described the target as being "glassy, clean, and flat." On page 6 he perceived refined data consisting of the tangibles of "building" and "solar panels." And by page 8 he already declared the target as an "energy-saving solar house."

       Finally, for his analysis he wrote the following:

1) A house in the mountains, or beach, or other exotic locale, with solar panels
2) Energy-type project, unknown to most
3) New home for TRV school??
4) Vacation house
       Derek was able to acquire all of this information after only being supplied with eight random numbers. By staying in proper TRV structure and by consistently practicing, any person can learn how to do this.

       PSI TECH's Research and Development Project is the home of PSI TECH's new Matrix Research Center. The complex is located in a mountainous region in Polynesia and we have been developing a solar power system for it. Derek's session data confirms our choice of utilizing solar energy to power it. His session is a testament to how accurate and quickly the perceptual apparatus perceives data and it demonstrates that even a beginning TRVer can accurately solve complex problems. Congratulations Derek on your excellent TRV work and we look forward to seeing your progress as you become a great remote viewer.

Derek recently sent us the following comments:

"I am happy to see what can be done with this ability; how empowering it is. Before I started TRV'ing again, I was feeling down about the world in general (since 9/11), and depressed about things. But I have found that connecting with the Matrix somehow energizes the mind and emotions and helps me feel more confident, more self-assured, and better about life and the world in general. I am excited about the opportunity to learn the advanced stages and continuing to improve in the use of this skill. "
View the session pages below by clicking on the thumbnail images:

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Announcing a Live PSI TECH Chat Event

March 29, 2002

       Next Tuesday, April 2, 2002, PSI TECH will hold a scheduled live discussion in the PSI TECH chat room. Participants will be able to interact live with PSI TECH's President Joni Dourif and CEO Dane Spotts and may ask questions about TRV, the future and direction of PSI TECH and related topics. Don't miss this opportunity to have your questions addressed live. The discussion will last one hour. Please stop by at 7:00 PM Pacific Time (10:00 Eastern.) You may access the chat room via our web based java client at or connect via an IRC client such as mIRC. We will provide more detailed instructions about the format and procedures in the chat room during the event.

Date and Time: April 2, 2002 at 7:00 PM Pacific
Location: PSI TECH Chat Room
Directions: Click here

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