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Lost For Days and Found in Minutes

April 5, 2002

      A few days ago, I lost my new reading glasses. I spent three days retracing my steps, tearing rooms apart and searching establishments where I had been. I only turned up dead ends. I was so exasperated that I had lost my new glasses. I'm sure you know the feeling! Then, I heard that little voice saying (again), "Joni, you could just remote view them."

      I wasn't feeling in the mood to remote view my glasses, but I grabbed some paper and random numbers to prepare the target anyway. I wrote down the target's cue: "Joni's New Reading Glasses / Location / Present Time." Then, I robotically began the session. When I reached the "sounds" in my first S2 column, I had to write "tick tock," "AOL - close," "AOL - here," "AOL- sounds like the clock in this room." - I dropped my pen picked my pen back up and moved on to the Dimensions. There I declared, "Inside, flat, corner, squashed and close."

      In the quick S3 sketch that followed I was compelled to mark an "X" representing the target. Knowing the ropes of remote viewing objects, I raced through and went straight into a movement "From the top of the target something should be visible." This time the sounds I heard were, "scratch scratch" and I subsequently wrote "AOL- Sounds like my pen writing." In the dimensions, I declared: "down, under, behind and near-by."

      The S3 sketch that followed was fast and scant. I followed up with an S4 table and took a break. I looked at the session for a moment and then got up and walked around. When I returned to resume the session, I looked at the two S3 sketches for a moment. Then like a reflex reaction, I turned around and reached down to the corner right behind me. I picked up a folded piece of paper (that I had not noticed before) and what a surprise! There they were - my glasses! I ended my session instead of resuming it and I smiled and said to myself, "now, I understand the Aesthetic Impact (AI) feelings of silly and surprise."

      Well, sounds like a pretty mundane thing to apply a such a powerful technology for. Only recently, we at PSI TECH used it to track down wanted terrorists and to point out future threats. In a typical week we find cures to chronic illnesses, solve unsolvable crimes, uncover mysterious events; we look through the eyes of animals and perceive the world in ways that we never could have imagined. It's ironic that all the while my glasses were missing, they were only a few feet away, and I spent days searching for them, when finally it only took a few minutes to retrieve them, using only my pen and paper. Mundane maybe, but I was glad that I could do it. Sometimes, I guess it's the little things that grab our attention when we're so busy doing the big things.

      Remote viewing is still a young technology but PSI TECH has run the gambit in applying it full time. For more than 10 years we have applied TRV as a viable information collection tool to research people, places, things, and events, in the past present and future. Having a skill such as TRV at our finger tips sounds like a luxury to many, but as time goes by remote viewers forget what life was like before TRV when we didn't have our own reliable systems to gather, otherwise unattainable, information.

      A non Remote viewer may think that learning how to perceive the location of a "thing" such as eyeglasses is easy. However, an experienced one knows that in the collective unconscious an object such as a pair of eyeglasses is an insignificant spike in the scale of representations in the collective memory of the universe. People, places and events are much more significant dynamics in the library of life then a single inanimate object. The spike that represents my pair of eyeglasses is so benign that it literally looks a needle in a haystack by comparison.

Then why was I able to remote view their location in only 10 minutes?

      Learning to remote view objects is more subtle and tedious then remote viewing events and people or places. However, Technical Remote Viewing is a skill and like any skill it simply requires doing it right and doing it often. We must learn to TRV different types of targets and become proficient at each type. Remote Viewing objects is analogous to learning that martial arts back kick that doesn't come so easy at first or pronouncing that difficult rolling "R" while learning a new language. It's a necessary nuisance with a rewarding backlash. We become accomplished and agile within our new abilities. We become free.

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