Remote Viewing Described My House Before I Found It!

By Kimberly Snow

April 12, 2002

       While staying with in-laws waiting for our house to sell in another state, my husband and I were anxious to be living in a place of our own. We had been displaced for over a year, with most of our things in storage. When the news came that our house had finally sold, the in-laws wanted us to stay with them for another six months or so to save money, and give us time to decide where and what we were going to do with our lives. We were in a dilemma, unsure what to do. Should we stay in the town we were in? If so, should we stay with in-laws? Should we move out of town? Out of state?

       Although we wanted a place of our own, we also dreaded moving into a rental, because the cost of rentals in our area was so high. The rentals in our price range were smelly, old, and small, and after having owned our own house which we built ourselves, it was going to be a difficult adjustment for us. But we were desperate to be out of the in-laws and on our own again as a family.

       We had no idea what direction to take. And so I did an Optimum TrajectoryTM session, frontloaded, to find out what we were supposed to be doing for the next twelve months of our lives. The cue was Kimberly and Mark/Optimum Trajectory/Next 12 Months.

       In the session I got a house, and I sketched a river, which was disheartening, since there were no rivers, to my knowledge, anywhere in the area. Expecting a baby soon, I tucked away the session and forgot all about it, too occupied with other things to explore it further.

       Two months later, after we had been discouraged from months of looking at dilapidated and dirty rentals, my husband called me from work and told me to go out and look at this one rental that he had found in the paper. I did, and we rented it right away. It was a brand new house, and although the rent was higher than what we had been looking at, it seemed to suit our needs and we decided we would make ends meet somehow.

       About a week after moving in, having become familiar with the surrounding area and the neighborhood, I remembered the session that I had filed away. I wanted to see if I had made the right decision about the rental. So I dug it out and took a look.

       To my delight, I had not only described the rental, but had actually sketched the house. I had tons of matching data; "adobe" (the house is adobe), "sand" (parts of the front area aren't landscape, and filled with sand which my son plays in), "grass" (the house has a lawn), "fence" (the house is fenced), "hills" (we are in a farming town surrounded by hills), "mountain view" (we have a view of the mountains). In addition to that, I had also sketched these large round mounds, and not far from the house are these massive dunes. In one of my stage three sketches I sketched a river. Running through the hills and dunes is a winding river that leads out to the sea, just as I had sketched.

       I also wrote "sun face on door" during the session. Although I did not notice it at first, the door on our new home has a half circle window with a rising sun shape. The other day I watched the sunlight stream in through the window in the front door and make the image of a rising sun on the wall. It dawned on me that it was the face of the sun.

       In the session I had sounds of "laughing", "chiming", "cars", and "voices", "dogs barking", and "AOL-radio." I was walking to the end of the cul-de-sac to get the mail and I listened, hearing all of those sounds: the neighbors chimes (it's breezy here and the chimes are always chiming), laughing and voices (every house has children and they are always laughing and playing outside), barking (two doors down there are four puppies that constantly bark), and the sounds of a radio (on the next block over some kid is always playing his stereo up in his bedroom, and we can hear it from our block).

       But the real test of the Optimum Trajectory session was, were we happy in this place? The house turned out to be just perfect for us: A short commute to my husband's work, out of the city and in a small rural town, a block full of playmates my son's age, a large office space for myself, and it's brand new. We have never been happier.

       If I had had the session in hand when looking at rentals, I would have known immediately when I saw this place that it was the right move for our family. Fortunately for us, we found the optimum situation that we were supposed to be in. But the lesson taught me that Optimum Trajectories truly work, a lesson I will never forget.

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