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Target Saddam
TRVers  Zero In On Saddam Hussein

April 25, 2003

      Since 1997, PSI TECH has posted Targets Of The Week in the Online classroom for TRV training course students. These targets are worked blind so only eight numbers are posted for the participants to see. (For more information about blind targets click here.) These numbers are randomly generated and posted at the beginning of each week. A chosen target is attached to the eight digits by PSI TECH's Director of Training, Joni Dourif. The targets are carefully selected and designed to challenge the viewer's TRV skills and to push them to the next level. We generally have a good mixture of beginners, intermediate and advanced viewers who regularly participate and post their work each week.

      Last week's PSI TECH Target Of The Week was: "Saddam Hussein / Present Location & Current Activity"

      Two of PSI TECH's viewers were selected to produce a report containing their analysis of last week's Target of the Week TRV data. There were 20 sessions posted by 20 separate TRVers.

      The target data which was utilized for their report is current as of last Saturday, April 18, 2003. The information gathered and presented here is based upon work performed on a single target and therefore is preliminary in nature. The analysis was conducted by corroborating the similarities and differences of the data gathered in 20 separate TRV sessions. Normally, for an official PSI TECH report, additional follow-up work is performed to gather more detailed and precise information.

       In this preliminary student project report, the following conclusions were reached.

The Physical Location:

  • Mountains were a recurring theme in many of the sessions. There was also much supporting data for a dry dusty environment.

  • An overwhelming majority sensed a large, vast, massive man made structure. This structure could be industrial or military. Several people perceived uniformed individuals present.

  • Almost all viewers got "hiding," "secretive," "secluded," "retreat" type data.

  • Several viewers perceived a circular feature in their sketches that seemed of central importance, however, there does not seem to be a consensus on what it is yet. More work would need to be performed focusing primarily on this feature.

    The Activity At The Location

  • There seems to be many people with a great deal of noise and activity present.

  • There is some corroboration on one individual addressing the group of people.

  • There is a strong sense of the following:
  • Planning
  • Anticipating
  • Getting ready for
  • The emotions present are varied with one theme of active and energetic. These are not necessarily Saddam's emotions, but probably a combination of his and of all those around him.

  • In the definite sense of planning/getting ready, there seems to be a negative or destructive theme. This could be planning to avoid destruction or could be planning to wreak destruction.

  • There were many references to a spiritual event or item. Many sessions depicted the theme of Christianity.

    Final Thoughts:

    Saddam Hussein is alive, in hiding, with many people around him, actively planning an escape or in hiding. It seems to be a very high energy negative/destructive environment.

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    By PSI TECH Staff
    April 25, 2003

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