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09/04/03 Update: Chinese Researchers Confirm SARS Came From Animals (Click here)

SARS Origin Revealed By TRV

By Jeff Lucas
May 13, 2003

       Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is a devastating respiratory illness that has just recently gained worldwide attention. In this issue of The Signal Line, PSI TECH reveals information on the origin of the disease in a new preliminary Technical Remote Viewing report. Click here to view the report.

       Initially reported as an outbreak of a Pneumonia-like illness last November in Southern China, symptoms of infection include a greater than 100°F fever, headache, discomfort and body aches. After the incubation period of two to seven days, a SARS patient may develop dry cough and have difficulty breathing.

       The largest outbreak of the disease is in China, followed by Hong Kong and Taiwan. Worldwide SARS has killed almost 600 people, with more than 7,400 currently infected. Doctors have found that SARS is resistant to standard treatments.

PSI TECH TRVers' First Encounter With SARS

In last week's issue of The Signal Line, we revealed the story of a PSI TECH trainee who uncovered an ominous S.A.R.S. threat that was about to befall a group of missionaries headed to China. Click here to read more.
TRV Targets SARS: Where Did It Come From?

      PSI TECH recently tasked Technical Remote Viewing students with the target of "The Current Outbreak of "S.A.R.S."/ Cause & Origin" to determine how this horrific and deadly disease originated.

      The target was assigned eight random digits by PSI TECH's Director Of Training Joni Dourif, and given to the trained Technical Remote Viewers who independently used PSI TECH's specific set of rigorously applied TRV protocols to download and collect data related to the selected target. Prior to working the sessions, each remote viewer only receives these random numbers, which serve to keep the remote viewers completely blind to the nature and subject matter of the target during the remote viewing process. (For more information on the history of Technical Remote Viewing and how it works, click here to view free lectures.)

      The information gathered and presented in the following The Signal Line report is based upon work performed on a single target and therefore is preliminary in nature. The analysis was conducted by corroborating the similarities and differences of the data gathered in 12 separate TRV sessions. Normally, for an official PSI TECH report, additional follow-up work is performed to gather more detailed and precise information.

       In this preliminary student project report, the following conclusions were reached.

The Physical Location:

  • The SARS cause & origin location is outdoors and the terrain consists of rolling hills and resembles farmland.

  • An organic element is present in a liquid that is in motion at the site. This liquid is affecting the health of the lifeforms at the site.

  • A square structure or building constructed with vertical boards seems key in many of the sessions but at this point its exact purpose or relationship to SARS is unknown.

  • There are many lifeforms and people present at the site.

    The Activity At The Location

  • Many people are working, socializing, and performing mundane "daily tasks" in a controlled environment. There is learning involved.

  • There are repeated references in the data by many viewers to elements of food preparation: "lots of animals," "something to do with meat processing," "what happens to an animal after death," "fried," "cooking," "restaurant," and "food."

  • There are several references to "feces" and "manure" in the data which may be in a "container," "ditch," "trench," or "sewer" which is harboring "viruses" or "germs."

  • The emotions include "sick to my stomach," "attention on task at hand," "excited," "sick," "vulnerable," "do or die," "not a good place", "don't care to visit," an "abrupt change from a happy environment to terror," "horror", "escaping" and "very focused in a health matter."


    The origin and cause of the current SARS outbreak was caused by the contamination of food related to the feeding, processing and slaughter of animals, meat products, and other elements in the surrounding environment. This was directly caused by a location where food products and people are contained and working. There is contamination by a liquid containing microorganisms, animal fluids, and feces. The location is a rural farm-like operation in China that could possibly be a forced labor camp similar to the Shayang Farm in the Hubei province.

  • Special thanks to Dolores and Jonathan for their contribution to the collection of data for this issue.

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