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What Is That CD In Your Gen II TRV Kit?

By Dane Spotts
May 17, 2002

       Enclosed with every Gen II Training System is a very powerful CD called "TRV Mind Prep." We haven't talked about it much because it is not a requirement for staying in TRV structure, however, it can be a potent adjunct to a remote viewer's arsenal of mind tools. And when used before a session, can substantially improve one's ability to grab-on to the target signal, as well as zap stress and improve other aspects of your life.

      So what is this mysterious audio technology, how does it work, and what impact can it have on your TRV sessions and your life?


      Pop the Brain Supercharger CD into your player, put on your headphones, and punch play. A few moments later you're transported into another time and place. Your body becomes extremely relaxed. Your arms and legs feel numb. You may experience a lucid dream and feel as though your mind and body are in two separate places. What's happening is the technology on the CD has altered your consciousness. Using a special combination of sound frequencies and special audio effects, your body becomes extremely relaxed as your attention is driven inward. Words can hardly describe the experience but it's like taking a 2 week vacation in 28 minutes.

      I named it the Brain Supercharger™, because of the powerful effects it had on the brain. Just as certain forms of music affect your mood, certain sound frequencies played in precise combinations will alter mind state and unfold a deep meditative awareness similar to that achieved by Zen Monks and fire-walking yogis.

      Here's how it works. Your brain produces wave-like ripples of electrical energy that correspond to certain states of consciousness. The four kinds of brainwave frequencies: Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta are really descriptive tags for different wave speeds. Delta is the sleep state. Theta is akin to a deep meditative state. Alpha is like taking a catnap. And Beta is your daily rock and roll.

      The special Neuro-Entrainment Matrix™ on this soundtrack is composed of certain tones and sound effects designed to drive the brain into a psycho-physical state that matches the "theta" wave pattern. The result is a blissful feeling of deep relaxation. But this is more than just a way to relax. Training your brain to enter these "theta" states can have enormous benefits. Users have reported reduced stress, enhanced creativity, peak experiences, and feelings of psychological well-being. 20% of the users have reported spontaneous out of body experiences.


      First, this is not New Age music, guided meditation, or hypnosis. What it is, is a combination of sound effects and audio engineering beyond anything ever created in the mind development field. As I report in my book Super Brain Power, researchers believe the "theta" mind state opens a window into the unconscious. Dr Lawrence Cory, author of a double blind study on the Brain Supercharger technology reports, "Daily usage seems to have a profound effect of the mental functioning of the listener…the Brain Supercharger appears to alter the personality of its users is essentially positive and life-enhancing ways."


      If this were only a tool for zapping stress and boosting brainpower, it would be awesome enough. But there's more. Much more. Because this amazing mind development technology has also been used to reprogram negative behavior and self-defeating beliefs. And, from our initial experiments, can set up the perfect mind state for TRV. That is why we began including it with all the Generation II TRV training kits.

      How can it do all this? Researchers believe that people who enter the "alpha-theta" state acquire super-receptivity to new information, and a greater ability to "re-script" material on a subconscious level.

      Simply listening to this soundtrack (those of you who have used it, can attest to this) automatically alters your mind-state and opens a window into your unconscious. Then, using a special behavioral mindscripting technique, (silent affirmations recorded at the threshold of conscious perception) these mindscripts direct positive programming into the mind, by-passing the conscious mind which puts up road blocks. Because your mind-state is at peak receptivity while in this "Theta Window," this new programming has a better chance to stick.

      So, the Brain Supercharger is not only a stress zapper and a brainwashing tool. It's also a TRV mind prep system all rolled into one. No wonder the CIA purchased several of the Brain Supercharger programs for what I assume was research purposes.

      For those of you who have the TRV Generation II training system and have not yet had a chance to experiment with this very powerful mind tool, I invite you to get out those headphones and CD players, and plug in.

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