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Bin Laden's "Poor Man's Nuke" Plan Averted in Chicago

June 10, 2002

      Today it was announced that officials have captured a U.S. citizen with suspected ties to al Qaeda who allegedly planned to explode a radioactive "dirty bomb" in the United States. Al Muhajir was captured May 8 as he flew into O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois, from Pakistan.

      On October 6, 2001, PSI TECH issued a preliminary report on future terrorist activities on U.S. soil based upon data obtained via Technical Remote Viewing. In that report, PSI TECH's remote viewing data indicated that "The Chicago area was singled as a near-term attack site." On October 15, 2001, PSI TECH issued a follow up report containing information on the potential of an attack involving a radiological "dirty nuke." Dirty bombs are not traditional nuclear weapons, but a conventional explosive laced with radioactive material that can kill victims in the immediate area and spread highly toxic material to humans, causing mass death and injury.

      US Attorney General John Aschcroft stated, "We have disrupted an unfolding terrorist plot to attack the United States by exploding a radioactive dirty bomb," adding that the government's suspicions about Mujahir's plans came from "multiple, independent, corroborating sources.

      Once again, using Technical Remote Viewing, PSI TECH and its task force of skilled remote viewers have accurately foreseen a terrorist attempt on the United States, retrieving data not only on the type of weapon, but also the location. For more information, see the links below.

      CNN news article: U.S. authorities capture 'dirty bomb' suspect.
      Ashcroft statement: Ashcroft statement on 'dirty bomb' suspect.

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