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The 10 Dumbest Questions From PSI TECH's Chatroom

(These are actual questions that have been asked in PSI TECH's chat room)

By Kimberly Snow and PSI TECH Staff
June 28, 2002

       Below are the ten most frequently asked questions regarding Technical Remote Viewing that are asked by newcomers visiting PSI TECH's chat room. To those who have no idea what TRV is, the questions seem valid. However, these questions have taken their toll on members of the chat room who have been answering them for years. Due to the stress that the redundancy of these questions puts on those long standing chat room members, the answers that they give in chat may seem a bit harsh. That is why I have taken the time to translate for the newcomer the often sarcastic answer, into the real answer. I hope that this will help.

1. "Can you remote view what I'm wearing right now? What color underwear am I wearing?"

Chat Room Answer: Grey. Here's a dollar, go buy some bleach.

Real Answer: Yes, a trver can tell you what you are wearing, but the average session takes forty-five minutes or more, and I can't think of one person who would want to spend close to an hour of their time just to tell you that you're wearing leopard skin g-string briefs and an out-dated Pokemon T-shirt.

2. "How do I know this is real?"

Chat Room Answer: It isn't real. You're not real, I'm not real, nothing is real. Wait…there is one thing that is real. You've just asked a very real, very stupid question.

Real Answer: Yes, Technical Remote Viewing is real. The skill had its beginnings in the covert world of military intelligence where it was used by secret task force teams to retrieve data on remote targets, data that was often unobtainable by normal intelligence gathering methods. In other words, your tax dollars funded remote viewing for almost twenty years. Taxes and Death, it doesn't get more real than that.

3. "If TRV is for real, why do you charge for it? Why not give it away for free?"

Chat Room Answer: Because we're not living in Siberia, you lazy commie. Get a job like the rest of us and buy the tapes.

Real Answer: Because we live in a capitalist society and PSI TECH is a business like any other that makes real products and has real costs and real employees. Would you ask a martial arts teacher to teach you to become a black belt for free? Would you ask your university to educate you for free? Well, you could ask, but we both know what the answer would be. TRV is a skill, one that you will use for the rest of your life. It will change the way you view reality, and the way you will solve problems and find answers. You wouldn't hesitate paying $500 for a television set or stereo equipment.

4. "I already remote view. How will TRV help me?"

Chat Room Answer: It won't. You are obviously beyond help.

Real Answer: First of all, if you already remote view, you wouldn't be asking that question. Most of the time what people claim is remote viewing is nothing more than the occasional precognition in a dream, or the brief and sporadic foreshadowing of running into your second cousin the next day while buying a used book at a garage sale on how to get something for nothing, or the regular use of your ouija board in the dead of the night amidst flaming aroma therapy candles. You aren't remote viewing. Technical Remote Viewing is a system that trains the mind to strengthen your innate psi muscle to enable you to gather specific data about a remote target using a highly robotic like process. Because mind exists outside of space and time, you can direct your attention virtually anywhere and download specific and accurate knowledge about anything, in the future as well as the past. So, if you still need to ask the question, "How will TRV help me?", then the answer is, it won't. You are obviously beyond help.

5. If you TRV, does that allow demons to possess your soul?

Chat Room Answer: What's that, Holy Water? You keep it away! AH! IT BURNS! IT BURNS!

Real Answer: No, TRV does not allow demons to possess your soul. You are tapping into the collective unconscious, like a great library where everything that was, is, and will be, anywhere in the universe, exists a pattern of information. You don't go anywhere when you TRV, you don't leave your body, your body doesn't leave you. You are fully conscious and aware and in a state of high attention, not in some altered state where your body is numb and your mind is left half cocked and swinging on loose hinges saying to any and all entities, look at me, I'm open, come on in!

6. What happened to the solar flare, killer fungi, alien fertilizer thieves, and the quickening?

Chat Room Answer: You are looking for Dr. Doom. He's the one in the padded room at another Internet location. BYOB.

Real Answer: You are looking for Ed Dames. He is the original founder of PSI TECH who resigned in April of 2000 for personal reasons.

7. What is a good exercise to do to help TRV?

Chat Room Answer: First bend over. Now fondle the pressure organ points on each toe, then curl up slowly, raise a palm to your head, and the other palm to your stomach. Pat your head while subsequently rubbing your belly.

Real Answer: One does not need to do any exercises or meditation before one Technical Remote Views. For optimum TRV success, one must be sober, awake, and alert. One should be comfortable, not too cold or hot, and should not feel the urge to go to the bathroom. One should not be hungry or thirsty. And if possible, should have as little distraction as possible. Now if you have a secret meditative ritual that you use to center yourself, fine, center away, it will not hinder or impede your session in any way. Just do it before your session, not during.

8. So, to TRV folks,…give me an example…of personal benefit?

Chat Room Answer: Hmmm, let's see…I now have the ability to know anything, to move forward or backward in time. I can see distant galaxies. I can discover my place in the universe. Personal benefit? Let me think about it for a while….

Real Answer: TRV has been used for numerous applications. TRV'ers have used this skill to discover oil and gold reserves, to win horse races and sporting events, in finding medical cures and uncovering scientific breakthroughs, in discovering future technology, in determining the next market trends and the best direction to take their businesses. The most exciting application on a personal level are optimum trajectories: finding your optimum path in health, wealth, mate, domicile or sanctuary. The potential is limitless.

9. Why do you give TRV out to the public if it can be used for evil?

Chat Room Answer: Take your TRV weapon! Use it. Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark side will be complete!" Oh, wait, that was Emperor Palpatine….

Real Answer: This hearkens back to the old argument-if all guns were outlawed, only outlaws would have guns. TRV empowers individuals. It is direct knowledge. With this technology, there will be a world with no secrets. We will achieve a future where our species will have developed its sixth sense and incorporated it into use on a daily basis, like hearing, or vision. Yes, there will be people with ill intentions who will use this skill for espionage, invasion of privacy and general nosey nastiness. But for every one of those losers, there will be at least ten or twenty shining, righteous human beings out there ready to hunt them down like the dogs they are and expose them. They can't win. If they strike me down, I shall become more powerful than they can possibly imagine….DOH! Star Wars again, sorry. It's just all this talk of good and evil…..

10. Is any information available out of the thin air to a TRV'er without going into a prepared mode?

Chat Room Answer: Sure…I get information out of thin air all the time…it's called THINKING. Obviously you don't.

Real Answer: No. There are no short cuts in TRV. Although spontaneous "psi events" may occur to a trained Technical Remote Viewer, they are rare and unpredictable. To retrieve consistently accurate data, on demand, Technical Remote Viewing requires you to follow a highly structured and ordered process, using the TRV protocols, a properly prepared target, your mind, a pen, and a stack of paper. An average TRV session takes 45 minutes, whether you are looking for that set of lost keys you are constantly misplacing, or trying to find the cure for cancer. As one student was answered by the PSI TECH professionals, "Would you like the professional pilot of your next 100 mile flight to skip preflight checks and flight plan? After all, it's just a little 'lite' hop." The protocols were developed at Stanford Research Institute, in the intelligence community, and at PSI TECH for nearly twenty years. They are there for a reason. If we could get consistently accurate information out of thin air, we wouldn't even be having this conversation right now, because you would already have the answer.

And so there you have it. PSI TECH chat room welcomes everyone. There is support staff available throughout the day to answer any questions you may have. There is also a plethora of excellent information on PSI TECH's web site, including basic Q & A, PSI TECH's mission statement, information on what Technical Remote Viewing is, how it works, why it works, its history, media clips and transcripts.

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