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TRV CRIMEBUSTER: How One Remote Viewer Bags The Bad Guys!

By Kimberly Snow
July 2, 2003

TRVer Kevin (K.P.)

      It was a dark hot Mississippi Sunday night laden with pre-storm humidity. Drew and Banner slowly approached a house that they had been casing throughout the evening. The house was dark and empty. They knew that the owners had recently left to go to the movies and would not be back for at least two hours.

      Banner1 reached for the knob on the front door. The door was locked, but a lock wasn't going to stop them tonight.

       "You ready?" he whispered back to Drew. Drew peered left, then right into the woods.

       "I'm ready."

      Lifting his leg, Banner kicked a steel-tipped boot full force into the door. It flew open with a loud smack against the inner wall, nearly coming off the hinges.

       "Let's move!"

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      It didn't take long. Banner knew what he was there for. While Drew waited below, he ran upstairs and into the bedroom. In the back of the closet he found the old footlocker and opened it. Inside, wrapped in a pale blue sheet, was the rare coin collection. He grabbed the sheet and made his way back downstairs.

       "What the hell are you doing?" he asked Drew.

      Drew had pulled the air conditioner half way out of the wall. "I need one of these. It's hotter than Hades!"

       "Well can't you just go buy one for Christ's sake?"

       "Why should I? I got me one right here!"

      Cursing beneath his rank breath, Banner helped Drew remove the air conditioner the rest of the way from the wall.

       "You're getting my boots wet!" Banner said, as the air conditioner splashed water down their legs. They lugged it across the living room and down the porch steps, with the sheet of coins rattling on top.

      They made their way to the truck and in a screech of tires that silenced the nearby crickets, they pulled out and disappeared in a rumble of thunder.

      The next night, Kevin, a PSI TECH trained Technical Remote Viewer, was given a blind target by his wife. Having been approached by the victims of the robbery asking for assistance, the wife prepared a cue for her husband: [Victim's Name] house/burglary/identity of perpetrators. They knew Kevin had solved crimes using TRV before. He was their best hope of finding out just who had committed the dastardly deed.

      Kevin had neither heard about the crime, nor did he know what the target was that his wife was giving him.

      Following strict TRV structure, he began the session by sketching a house, and kept getting the data of "opening to the outside", and "looking through something." The perpetrators had left a gaping hole to the outside where they had wrenched the air conditioner loose from the wall.

      Another piece of data he got on several occasions was "wet all the way through." The perpetrators had leaked water from the air conditioner all across the hardwood floors of the living room, and the floorboards had become stained and warped from the standing water.

      Kevin picked up the data of pale blue fabric in his session, the color of the sheet used to wrap up the coin collection.

      But the most telling data described the perpetrators, which according to the cue was the problem to be solved. Kevin got two lifeforms involved in an "inside job", "behind the scenes", having a "discussion" and a "dispute". He also got intangibles in the session of "planning, covert, secret, and hidden."

       The smell was the most reoccurring strong raw data in the session. The lifeform "stunk," "like sewage", a "sick smell," and "tasted gross, repulsive and putrid." Kevin got data of flaky and scaly, "like skin flaking." He also had the reoccurring idea of "mother."

      When Kevin and his wife showed the victims the session, they immediately knew who did the crime. The person they suspected of committing the crime was a drug addict, and stunk all the time because of it, like a sewer. He also had a serious dandruff problem. Not only that, he happened to have been part of the family, indirectly, as he was raised by one victim's mother. Kevin now understood why he kept thinking "mother."

      With increased confidence and armed with the new data from Kevin's session, the victims confronted the suspected perpetrator, and he admitted to his crime. Banner claimed he had owed money for drugs and that his accomplice was going to take the coins in payment. Because the perpetrator was part of the family, after recovering the stolen items, the victims decided not to press charges, and instead, in lieu of turning him in, it was arranged that the perpetrator pay them in labor.

      Once again, Technical Remote Viewing helped to solve a crime. Armed with only a pen, a stack of white paper, and a skill that anyone can learn, a skill which is a criminal's worst nightmare, a trained Technical Remote Viewer saved the day. With TRV, there are no secrets. Kevin has a new career now!

Happy 4th Of July From Everyone At PSI TECH!

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1The names of the two perps mentioned in the above article were changed.

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