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Mystery Of The Lost Kitty

By Jonathan Churcher
September 12, 2002

       One of the things I enjoy about Technical Remote Viewing is downloading real things that exist in real time and real space. It is an extraordinary ability. A good 'psychic' can say something like "your missing cat is fulfilling its earthly destiny as a roaming predator - when the time is right, the animal will return." Okay, that's fine, and he or she may be correct, but such information is of little value to the cat's caretaker who wishes to ensure the cat's well being by having it back home.

       Little Fox was one of Joan's favorite cats (she has a dozen or so) and the little feline never stayed away from the house for more than a few days. When I got a request to TRV the location of the cat, she had been gone for three months. Joan was really worried; she could not emotionally accept the fact that the cat had perished, but as time dragged on, the logic of this conclusion became stronger and stronger. I told her how to cue the target (Joan's cat Little Fox/present location) and how to generate the random digits for the Target Reference NumberTM. I was fifty miles away when I did the session and I did not know the natural or community environment of her house.

       I was skeptical at the chances of locating the cat and thought that moving targets were very difficult to find. However, I did my best and a week later Joan called. It was a partial success and a good start. Details from the analysis are in italics. Chain-link fence and large dog or small pony - Joan knew this place immediately; the animal was a large, big shouldered, tough looking Rottweiler. Sounds of road traffic and a bell - this led her away from the fenced yard to a place in a field where Joan could hear cars from the road and the clanging of a railway-crossing bell. Sloping field/flowing water - from where she stood, Joan walked downhill to an irrigation system and a stream, and there she found: water reservoir with concrete (See Fig. 1.1.)

       Joan returned to that spot a few times and called for the cat, but had no response. I told her to re-cue the target in her own words and not to tell me exactly what she had written. All I knew was that it concerned the missing cat. She told me later that the new cue was "Joan's cat Little Fox/current residence."

       In the second analysis, I stated that the cat was around humans and other creatures so this eliminated the open field. I also wrote: new construction is happening near the site. Across the field from the reservoir she saw a bulldozer, a backhoe, a dump truck and a large area of newly excavated soil, i.e., new construction. Once there, she followed a short road through some trees because I had written that the cat was in a building used for holding animals or storing crops. She soon came across an old farm shed that was apparently abandoned. The next clue from the Technical Remote Viewing data read " for processing food...includes cooling or freezing." The shed was filled with baskets, shelves and produce display units from a grocery store - including a long freezer (See Fig. 1.2.) Calling the cat's name, Joan wandered around outside the shed and, in response to a familiar 'meow', looked up to see Little Fox enjoying an early evening snooze in the branch of an apple tree.

       In the context of all the good, bad and ugly things that happen on this planet and in this beautiful, expanding universe, the finding of someone's pet cat does not rate very highly in the scheme of things. However, to do so by sitting at a desk, miles away, scribbling a bunch words in neat columns, is really extraordinary.

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