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PSI TECH Targets D.C. Sniper

October 11, 2002

      As police search for a sniper whose random killings have spread fear through the Washington, D.C. area, PSI TECH's special operations team of Technical Remote viewers focused its efforts on profiling the killer.

      Preliminary Technical Remote Viewing sessions were conducted over the past 48 hours by PSI TECH's team of professional viewers. The team was assigned this target to profile the perpetrator and provide law enforcement with needed clues.

Here is the data that has been collected and corroborated as of this hour:

  • 1. The perpetrator is acting alone on these shooting sprees. He appears as though "he needs a cause." Our data does not indicate, as of yet, that he is connected to an organized terrorist group.

  • 2. The sniper is insane, possibly a schizophrenic, manic depressive. He will continue to kill until caught. He wants recognition and he does not care if he dies.

  • 3. This person is male, slightly overweight, with dark skin and a ruddy complexion. Other physical descriptors include straight dark hair that is longish, greasy and pulled back, and he often wears a bandana. He is unkempt.

  • 4. He has trouble speaking English correctly. He has clammy skin and uses talcum powder (possibly only when shooting.) He drives frequently.

  • 5. He has experienced past trauma regarding his family and he currently uses psychotropic drugs.

  • 6. It seems this person is not "all there." He is slow, possibly from an accident, possibly from drugs. He has no base, no core beliefs, rather, he lives an aimless, purposeless life based on emotions and hormones. There is a lot of anger. Learning/reasoning is difficult for him. Much of this is not visible on the surface or at first glance.

  • 7. We have indicators that he wears a pendant and/or earring that bears the symbol of the Caduceus (Fig 1.)
  •        PSI TECH will continue to work this case as time permits, and provide its supplemental data to law enforcement as it becomes available. This is one of the most difficult types of cases for any law enforcement agency to solve because of way the killer operates. With Technical Remote Viewing, we are able to provide intelligence support; including tracking the killer's activities, as well as determining how he thinks. We can provide rough sketches of how he looks, and probe for unique identifiers.

          There is no question, this perpetrator will continue his killing spree. All of us at PSI TECH are hopeful that he can be caught before he strikes again.

    Technical Remote Viewing is a highly structured skill developed by the U.S. Dept. of Defense for the purpose of supplying adjunct information on intelligence gathering missions. For more information visit

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