PSI TECH's 2nd Technical Remote Viewing Contest
Test Your TRV Skills, Compete for Prizes and Have Fun!
November 1, 2002

       Last year PSI TECH announced our first Technical Remote Viewing contest. Entries were submitted by remote viewers from all over the world and in the end, the winning session worked by a 24 year old physics major from Europe, was judged to be the best. Kyle won over $1300 worth of PSI TECH's Generation II training courses. His winning session, which was posted in the February issue of The Matrix, can be seen by clicking here.

       We are pleased to announce our second Technical Remote Viewing Contest. The prize this year will be a full TRV University scholarship. Don't miss this opportunity to demonstrate your skill level to your teachers, peers, and the entire world. To enter the contest, simply work a single Technical Remote Viewing session using the following TRNs: 9253/6874 (minimum S1 - S4 plus at least two movement exercises, summary and analysis) and submit the session to us. The sessions will be judged on accuracy and adherence to TRV structure and the winner will have all tuition costs waived for TRV 101: Basic Skills and TRV 201: Advanced Skills as a reward for his or her successful work. These courses have a combined value of over $2500.00.

The winning Technical Remote Viewer will be awarded the TRV University TRV 101: Basic Skills Course and the TRV 201: Advanced Skills Course.
All entries must be received by February 3, 2003.

Read the contest rules before entering.

Target Reference NumbersTM: 9253/6874

You may submit your session via regular mail or e-mail.

Mailing address:

13240 NE 20th Street Suite 18
Bellevue, WA 98005


Official Contest Rules

  1. Only one entry (a single TRV session) permitted per person. Use the Target Reference Numbers (9253/6874) and work a single Technical Remote Viewing Session (Stage 1 - Stage 4 and at least two movements plus summary and analysis.) Write as neatly as possible while maintaining the proper cadence so that your writing is legible. All sessions must be hand written, except for the summary and analysis which must be typed. Submitted sessions must be Technical Remote Viewing sessions (not a variation of TRV) performed by a trained Technical Remote Viewer. Entries using techniques other than TRV or sessions performed by those who lack training will not be judged.
  2. Provide your real first and last name, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address with your entry so that we can contact you and ship your prize if you are the winner. Entries which do not contain contact information will not be judged. In the event that the winner can not be notified by PSI TECH via the provided contact information, a runner up will be selected, chosen as the winner and awarded the prize.
  3. Entries must be received by February 3, 2002 and cannot be returned.
  4. Employees of PSI TECH, Inc. or Lifequest Industries and their families are not eligible to enter the contest.
  5. Sessions will be judged by PSI TECH staff on the basis of accuracy and adherance to TRV structure at the sole discretion of PSI TECH.
  6. One winner will be selected. The winner will be announced in Mid-February 2003 and will be notified by e-mail or regular mail. All participants agree to allow PSI TECH, Inc. to publish his/her name and session on the PSI TECH, Inc. ( web sites and/or in PSI TECH publications.
  7. In the event that the winner is already enrolled at TRV University, the TRV 101 winning student will be provided with free tuition for TRV 201, or the TRV 201 winning student will be provided with free tuition for two TRV University graduate level courses of his or her choice.
  8. All materials received will become the property of PSI TECH, Inc. and will not be returned. PSI TECH, Inc. will not be responsible for sessions that are damaged or lost in the mail.
  9. Void where prohibited by law. Questions about this contest should be directed to

*E-mailed sessions should be scanned at approximately 72 DPI and sent in grayscale .jpg or .gif format with a maximum size of 150 kb per image file (session page.) For clarity, the images should be a minimum of 600 pixels wide but no wider than 800 pixels. Provide a cover sheet containing your name, e-mail address, mailing address, and telephone number.

For more information on Technical Remote Viewing and PSI TECH training opportunities, please visit

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