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"They Mocked Me With Their Eyes...

..Until I Revealed Their Secret Christmas Present They Had Hidden Away For Me"

By Gene Smith
November 15, 2002

       I've done many targets over the last three years as a student of Technical Remote Viewing at PSI TECH. Aside from the weekly student Target of the Week sessions, and sessions for friends and family, I've also had the privilege of working on operational projects. And while it may sound strange, the most personally significant session I've ever done was Technical Remote Viewing what I was going to get for Christmas two years ago.

       The session I worked that Christmas was a seminal event for me. I had been TRVing for almost a year at that point when I did the session, and while I was convinced it worked and it fascinated me enough that I stayed at it, it just didn't mean much to me really. Honestly, I think I valued the fun and friendships I had developed in PSI TECH's online forums far more than anything I was getting from my TRV sessions themselves.

       In any event, I had been informed that I was getting a special Christmas gift, and not only was it special but it was something that I would never, ever had guessed. Well of course, I was more than just a little curious, but for weeks it never occurred to me to TRV it. Then one day the idea hit me, and I did it almost as a joke, I would just TRV it! This would be the first time I had ever attempted to do a frontloaded session, meaning I started out knowing what the cue was. Although, since I did not know what the actual target was (the gift was the unknown factor), it would be more appropriately termed a "partial blind." I had been diligently TRVing for almost a year and I knew it was time to begin exploring this next level of my skill.

       I did not know for certain whether I was having a great session, at the time I was working it, but I stayed in structure and did what I was supposed to do, documenting the data properly.

       Well Christmas morning rolled around and my better half was there with her daughter, who had flown in to visit for the holidays, and both were anxious to show me my Christmas gift which I had not been allowed to see yet, even physicaly in its wrapped condition. Both of them knew of my TRVing skill, and they jokingly asked me if I had TRVed it and if I knew what it was. Well again, I was not at all sure that what I had was right but I sheepishly admitted that I had TRVed it and of course they wanted to know what I thought it was.

       So I began to tell them the details of what I had gotten in the session. "Well it has these tubes," I told them, "big heavy metal tubes and they go together with those little push button connectors, like the paddle of my kayak does," and I broadly moved my arms about in the air describing how these big metal tubes fit together into a frame like thing.

       At this point I was beginning to feel a bit like a fool as they were both starting to stare glassy eyed at me with blank looks on their faces. But being the masochist that I am, I continued my description, albeit with a lot less bravado. I then described a striped green piece of soft, cloth like material with an Indian motif woven or sewn into the fabric with wooden bars on the ends and ropes coming down into a cone shape on each end. The more I described, the more slack-jawed they both became and the more sheepish I got. So I figured I had best cut the dissertation short and I said, "So, I think it's one of those hammock thingies that comes from the Carolinas."

       They both just stood there in silence. I finally broke the silence with, "So what the heck is it?" They went out into the garage and carried into the house a rather large package without saying a single word to me. The way they were acting, I was just sure I had blown it and was glad my TRVing talk and embarrassment was over with. Well, low and behold, inside that package was a Cape Hatteras hammock and stand - the green stand which fit together exactly like I had sketched it, and the hammock itself that was stripped and had an accessory pillow with it that was embroidered with an Indian motif. I was shocked. Honest to goodness, I was just shocked.

       You know, it wasn't the fact that I had described or hit this target so well that shocked me, for I had done as well, and in some cases even better, on prior targets I had worked before. But this was different somehow for me. This wasn't some mundane practice target on the internet or some picture out of a national geographic in an envelope. This was a real target, a practical application. I know that sounds trivial, a Christmas gift being called a practical application, but for me it was. It moved the knowledge from my head into my heart, that this stuff really worked. It excited me, intensely electrifying my being, this sudden realization that this technology not only worked, but could in fact be used for anything in the world; ANYTHING! I felt like I had just discovered an entire universe that I never knew existed. It was a Christmas gift I'll never forget.

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