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In 30 Minutes, Test Your Natural “Psychic” Remote Viewing Ability With TRV Quickstart Online

Introducing PSI TECH's New Online Training System - TRV QuickstartTM. In Less Than 30 Minutes You Can Prove Whether Or Not You Have Remote Viewing Ability. Are You Ready To Take The Quickstart Test?

December 6, 2002

      Now everyone who is curious about remote viewing will be able to try it online, in the privacy of their own homes, without having to make a commitment to a complete training program. The affordable new PSI TECH Quickstart Online System* is a web based remote viewing testing program that will guide a beginner through a series of five basic remote viewing targets. No previous experience or training is required.

How Quickstart Works

      PSI TECH developed TRV Quickstart Online to allow those who are interested in remote viewing training to have a taste of what it is like, prior to investing in an in depth training course. The program is designed to take a person who has no previous exposure to remote viewing, and show him or her how to describe and sketch a provided blind target, using a modified form of TRV. This structure, based on techniques used by PSI TECH and the U.S. military's remote viewing training program, is designed to facilitate a beginner's ability to establish and maintain site contact and retrieve accurate raw data.

       An online monitor will guide you through each of your sessions, essentially holding your hand, explaining each stage of the process, so that you do not have to pause to think or guess what to do next. Every participant will be taught how to describe each target's sensory and dimensional data and produce a kinesthetic sketch of the target. Following each monitored session, you will be provided with the target feedback so you can compare the actual target to your work.

       The program has a simple and easy to follow intuitively designed menu system, similar to the selection screens on your favorite DVDs. There are no lectures or theory involved and no required videotapes to purchase - just a specific structure that you will be required to follow, explained to you in detail, in an on screen video, by your instructor. Quickstart is completed entirely via the internet, with options for several connection speeds. Your cost is only $9.95 (for a limited time! Originally priced at $39.95.)

      Learning Technical Remote Viewing allows one to access levels of human potential never before imagined. After you complete the targets and realize that you have the innate ability to accurately access information anywhere in time and space, using only mind, your life will be changed forever. For those who want to further their training and realize the full potential of this technology, we offer a curriculum of complete Technical Remote Viewing training programs at PSI TECH is dedicated to supporting your journey and helping you master the most important skill ever developed by man.

Quickstart requirements:

      To participate, you will need the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (6.0+), AOL (7.0+) or Netscape Navigator (7.0+) with the Macromedia Flash 6 plug-in, a stack of clean white paper and a rollerball style black ink pen.

Click here to enter the Quickstart program.

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*Quickstart is an introductory program and does not teach the full Technical Remote Viewing structure or problem solving skills. It is not intended to replace a TRV training course. Those seeking to develop complete basic and intermediate level TRV skills may enroll in TRV 101: Basic Skills at

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