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Remote Viewing "God"

By Jonathan Churcher
December 13, 2002

      In my short time as a TRV student, (seven months) I have noticed two distinct types of sessions. The first kind is mainly factual - full of information and data that is pertinent to the cue, but devoid of any particular kind of feeling or emotion for the TRVer. It was this kind of session I wrote about in the September 12 edition of The Signal Line (see Mystery of the Lost Kitty.) The article explained how the data from two TRV sessions allowed a woman to locate a cat that had been missing for three months. The predominant feelings during those sessions were percepts like "unsure" and "confused" and although the data was absolutely right on target, there were no accompanying emotions that gave any indication of the successful outcome of the search for the cat.

The Mystery Of The Lost Kitty

      The second type of session is one in which the robotic downloading of data (as important as it is) is dwarfed by the experience of TRVing the target. I completed this kind of session in late November and, in reviewing the information of that session, I can see that my vocabulary was totally inadequate to define or describe the target. For instance, there are enigmatic phrases like "the shape of intelligence," "an answer to a dream," and "a new definition of intelligence and language." Turning to metaphors, the following appeared in the data stream: "like a natural mystery," "like a new way to think," "like reverence," "like a source for the soul" and "like something too big." Drawing from my feeble knowledge base of things scientific, I wrote "negative ions" and "zero gravity" in an attempt to at least approximate what was flowing back from wherever I had bi-located to. Descriptors like "inspired," "impressed," "in awe," "made in heaven," "enthused" and "filled with God" showed up over and over again.

      So what was happening? What did this effusive outpouring of concepts mean? Being totally blind to the target cue, I had no idea if the information was on or off target. However, simultaneous with the above mentioned data download came all-consuming sensations of spiraling euphoria, accompanied by a parade of vivid images of family, friends and acquaintances about whom I felt a great deal of warmth and affection. At the end of the session it was all I could do to refrain from running around the house, hugging everyone in sight and proclaiming wildly that life is, in fact, an indescribably beautiful gift.

      A few minutes later, in the presence of a fellow TRVer who had been working the same cue, the target was revealed. Now realize that this target was given to me completely in the blind. I had no idea what it was. When the envelope was opened, this was the target cue:

"God's Love"

      What was so amazing wasn't so much that I was on target, but how the target made me feel from doing it. Now it all made sense, including the sketches that came with the rest of the data. Four of the seven sketches depicted concentric circles, and the first of such drawings is included here. It summarizes the experience of this session - a bolt of lightening illuminating a simple, powerful truth. This is the kind of knowledge that profoundly affects us for the rest of our lives. Technical Remote Viewing not only corroborates the presence of an afterlife, but provides answers for some of life's biggest questions. For me, this is just a beginning. I can see the universe opening up before me and revealing the truth of the most amazing mysteries.

TRV Contest: Due Date Extended

December 13, 2002

      We are extending the due date for the new TRV Contest to January 31, 2003. Don't miss this opportunity to win over $2500 in free training tuition and demonstrate your skill level to your teachers, peers, and the entire world.

       The prize this year is a full TRV University scholarship. To enter the contest, simply work a single Technical Remote Viewing session using the following TRNs: 9253/6874 (minimum S1 - S4 plus at least two movement exercises, summary and analysis) and submit the session to us. The sessions will be judged on accuracy and adherence to TRV structure and the winner will have all tuition costs waived for TRV 101: Basic Skills and TRV 201: Advanced Skills as a reward for his or her successful work.

For the official contest rules, click here.

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