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The Resurrection - Fact Or Fiction

By Kimberly Snow
April 11, 2003

Kimberly Snow
      At the one year point in my TRV training, I sat down at my dining room table and prepared to do the newest PSI TECH Target of the Week. I was a relatively new PSI TECH student of Technical Remote Viewing, but with the combination of Joni Dourif's patient guidance, and my continual practice, I had become a consistent remote viewer, having my share of good solid 'hits' under my belt.

From Sting To The Pope

      The Target Of The Week (TOTW) was a blind target posted each week, which students then TRVed, posting their session results on PSI TECH's online bulletin board for feedback and critique. The targets were varied, ranging from esoteric targets involving unsolved anomalies, to simple calibration targets involving known places, people, and events. These latter targets were given to insure that students were staying in structure and on target, as the feedback was known and immediate. Some of the more recent TOTW's at the time included the singer/songwriter Sting, the pyramids of Giza, the Mozambique flood rescue efforts, and the Pope. The target I was about to remote view could be anything.

      The students never know what the target is until after their session is posted and they are given feedback. Until that time, they are simply given a random eight digit number, called a Target Reference NumberTM, which has no connection or significance to the target itself and is merely used for administrative purposes. And so with pen in hand, I noted the time, 12:53, and began my blind Technical Remote Viewing session.

      It wasn't long before I had produced my ideograms, decoded them, and was gleaning raw data from the Matrix on my target.

I Felt Nervous And Breathless

      Technical Remote Viewing works by moving from the general to the specific. As the session began, I got data that the target was inside, where it was flat and low. There was a grating, grinding sound and the colors brown, red and yellow were associated with the target. I had data that the target was "like skewered", and intangible data of "destroying" and "stay back." I immediately felt nervous and breathless, and declared my emotions as protocol demanded, waiting for them to dissipate before continuing on. The feeling of being breathless and agitated, however, did not dissipate, and so I decided it was best to take a break.

      When I resumed, I began to explore one aspect of the target site, which I described as an "event". It was white and bright, and I had an Analytical Overlay of "searing light". There was data of luminescence, airy, gaseous, hot and rushing with a hissing sound. My emotions were refreshed by this aspect, and it came down from high above. As it descended, I sketched it as a beam of light, beginning at a point high above the earth and radiating out as it descended, like a massive flashlight beam, down to Earth's hemisphere. The Intangibles of "coming down", "washing over" and "forgiveness" were primary intangibles associated with this white light, and I perceived an emotion emanating from the light of "loving". I also had an Analytical Overlay of "grace." At this point I declared my own emotions of "joyful" and "tearful". But not only did I feel these emotions, they literally swept over me until by the end of my Stage Four I was in tears. I had to take another break, for the tears in my eyes were blurring my vision.

More Powerful Than Almost Any Other

      What was this feeling that had overtaken me? What was this sensation that was welling up inside of me--that I could not shake, try as I might? I suddenly felt like a child, being embraced by a parent whose love was so powerful, whose grace and benevolence so great, that all that I had done before that moment in my life paled in comparison. The light was beautiful, effortless, perfect. It was a mercy I had never felt before, and it washed over me with such a cleansing feel that my tears became tears of shame. It was the unequivocal feeling of being forgiven; a feeling I have come to learn is more powerful than almost any other.

      But the session was only halfway over. I knew if I was to get any data that would be of use, I must get over my emotions and dive back into the session fresh and alert, with no assumptions about what the target might be.

      At 1:17 I had wiped my tears, collected myself, and plunged back in. I began with an exploration of another aspect of the target site. This was a grouping of round, undulating lifeforms. The colors white, black and red were associated with them. I had the perception that there were two different kinds of lifeforms in this grouping. The first were humans. The second was a different group, soft, feathery, sweet that undulated. I had the Analytical Overlay of both people and angels. The human lifeforms were sad and angry. There was the Intangible of yearning, and they were looking up, watching this event, this incredible white light source that was beaming down to the target site.

I Sat Stunned As I looked

      By the time I had finished the session and wrote end, I was exhausted. I felt as if I had been through an emotional event of such magnitude, that it left me drained and deeply introspective. For fifteen minutes after ending the session, I sat in awe of what had transpired, wondering what the target was and why I was still sobbing. Thoughts raced through my mind. Memories washed over me. I thought of my beautiful mother, her unconditional love, her kindness and vitality, and then I thought of the day I realized she was gone and would never come back, that she had been taken from me when I was just a teen. And then I thought again of her by my side, running a cool hand along my cheek, drying my tears and holding me once more. This is how the session had made me feel. As if I had possessed something that filled my heart with love, then lost it, then found it once again.

      It was several days later, after posting my session on the online classroom bulletin board with the other students, that Joni revealed to us the cue: Jesus of Nazareth / Resurrection Event.

      I sat stunned as I looked at the cue. All of the emotions that I had felt during the session came flooding back to me once more. The love. The grace. The forgiveness. The sadness. It wasn't just a myth, a story in a book written by men, as I had once believed. The resurrection was a real event, involving a massive and powerful light source from above, that filled the space it occupied with a love so strong that it had brought me to tears.

A Life-Altering Moment

      I spoke with other students of TRV who had similar experiences with that particular blind target. One viewer, Dolores, said that when she saw the feedback for the resurrection event TOTW, she too was amazed. She writes: "I was so impressed with the coinciding data from my fellow TRVers that participated in this TOTW. I am still doing TRV today because of the effect this session produced on me. Some people may think this is perhaps not a true event, it is a story or whatever, but because our TRV descriptions fit the narrative -- as I know it-- I was really impressed. We were describing what actually happened!"

      It was an unforgettable experience for me. It is uncommon for a Technical Remote Viewer to "feel" the emotions and events of the target he is remote viewing. TRV is a data collection skill, where the mind merely perceives target data from the Matrix, using rigorous military structure. The protocols were specifically developed to help prevent the viewers' own assumptions and emotions regarding the target from tainting the flow of data. But every so often a viewer views a target so powerful, so intense, that the viewer "feels" the event. It is rare, but when it happens, it is an unforgettable experience.

From Belief To Knowing

      It was a life-altering moment for me. While I had almost always been a spiritual person, I had never adhered to any one particular religion as I continued on a seemingly endless search for truth in matters of the heart and soul. But in one afternoon, my wavering faith in a higher intelligence was not only solidified, but also turned into absolute resolution-- changed from "belief", to knowing. I have never questioned that faith again.

Click on the above image of Kimberly to view a video of her describing the session.

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