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Technical Remote Viewing
and Law Enforcement
A PSI TECH Student's TRV Session Leads Police Investigators to the Location of a Stolen Cash Register
By Jeff Lucas

      One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at PSI TECH, from newcomers, is "How can I utilize TRV in my everyday life?" As TRV's origins are as an applied military intelligence collection tool, the potential uses are numerous. Since TRV was designed to solve for unknowns, we can successfully use it to find information on topics where conventional methods have failed.

      PSI TECH has been called on often as a last resort, to provide information related to difficult criminal investigations and law enforcement problems. As professionals, we work cases such as these, when time permits, at no charge. No PSI TECH officer will accept any bounty or reward money for services rendered in connection with a missing person case or criminal investigation. However, as we are capacity constrained, we can only work so many of these projects and can not provide assistance for each of the many requests we receive.

      PSI TECH's goal in developing our training courses was to provide this valuable skill to the public, so that they could solve their own problems, demonstrate the validity of the technology and prove to themselves that it really works via self demonstration. So when we hear that our students have had success in using TRV to improve their lives, or to assist their friends, family, or the public, it makes us all extremely proud of the work that we do.

      One of our students, Kevin from Mississippi, recently posted a TRV session in our Online Training Center. The target was given to him by his wife, from a pool of targets that she created. But unbeknownst to Kevin, a family friend, the Chief of Police in their town, had provided the target to Kevin's wife. I interviewed Kevin recently and asked him to share his experience with the readers of The Matrix:

Jeff: You recently posted a session that you worked against a target which involved a criminal act. Before we go into that, can you first tell us how long you have been remote viewing and how you were trained in TRV?

Kevin: I received my PSI TECH Generation II Training Course on November 15, 2001 and started training that night. My training has consisted of the video tapes, workbook and CD included in the kit. I also have had input from the PSI TECH Online Training Classroom. And lots of practice.

Jeff: What was the exact target and the nature of this case?

Kevin: "Cash register stolen from Liquor Locker in [name of city] in December 2001/Current location." I later learned the following details after TRVing that blind target. Sometime in December 2001, two masked men entered the store, grabbed the register and ran off with it. Three police investigators and one state investigator worked it. They had no leads. The case was dead in the water.

Jeff: What lead to your involvement with this case and who tasked you with the target?

Kevin: The Chief of Police is a friend and I had told him about my TRV training sometime in late December. I showed him some of the information on the PSI TECH web site, including the UPN video. He was, and is, very interested in learning this skill himself. He gave my wife some targets, unbeknownst to me. She tasked them. I just pulled this target from my blind target pool.

Jeff: How did the Chief first become interested in TRV and its potential as a law enforcement tool? Was he aware of remote viewing before you began working these targets?

Kevin: I think when he gave the targets to my wife, it was more to test the veracity of the system, than as an actual assistance in solving crimes. He had not heard about remote viewing prior to me showing him the PSI TECH web site.

Jeff: How many sessions did you work against the target?

Kevin: One.

Jeff: What specific data from your session lead to the breakthrough in solving the crime (and/or apprehension of the suspect?)

Kevin: In my session, there was a strong aspect of a "party," so the Chief asked a confidential informant (CI) if there had been a party on the night of the crime. (We are in a small town, there are not usually any parties on weeknights around here.)

The CI came back and told him:

1. There was a party.
2. It was in a stucco house (most houses are brick, wood, or vinyl siding around here.)
3. It was 200 feet from the railroad track.
4. When the Chief asked where it was, who threw the party, the CI balked and did not want to say. He said these are "serious guys."

Since these details matched the data in the session, the Chief knew he was on to something. He got another CI to do some more checking and found the exact location of the house. It belonged to a convicted felon who was on parole. That is all he needed to proceed. Just yesterday he found out that during the party, a couple of the guys got some others to leave with them to go to an abandoned building down the road. No one knows why they went, or what they did, but there was data in the session about an "abandoned structure." And it turns out that there are potted plants in front of the house also.

Jeff: You have used this skill to help your community in a positive way, increased public safety and have contributed to the furthering of TRV's use as a valuable law enforcement tool. How does that make you feel?

Kevin: I am excited about the practical results from this session. I am still in the early learning stages and am continuing to practice. I am very motivated to become proficient in this skill and am aware enough to know that I am not even close to aware of all the possibilities. I am concentrating on practice now, and will look more to real world applications later. I appreciate the effort that has made this training available to me. Thank you! I am looking forward to the Advanced Training Kit to be released.

Several weeks ago, the Chief of Police faxed PSI TECH the following letter:

We congratulate Kevin for his successful work. It shows that when one of our hard working students follows instructions and applies PSI TECH's rigorous and exact TRV structure, that consistently accurate information on virtually any target is just forty-five minutes away. In most cases, multiple sessions by several viewers would be worked against a target. However, in this case, the problem was solved by one Technical Remote Viewer who had only been using this skill for two months. Thank you Kevin for your fine work in demonstrating the validity of TRV and providing valuable and timely information to your local law enforcement.

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