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Professor IdeoTM Introduces TRV.COM & Teaches Technical Remote Viewing To The World
by Dane Spotts

       Who is he? Where did he come from? Where did he get that odd voice and mannerism? His name is Professor Ideo, PSI TECH's new virtual instructor. He is a computer animation designed to teach the world about Technical Remote Viewing®. He is also the master of ceremonies for PSI TECH's newest website TRV.COM (which will be officially launched sometime next week.)

       TRV.COM was developed to teach the public about TRV® and to showcase PSI TECH's special project video reports. A new information service developed by PSI TECH. Before I explain what it's all about and the vision for PSI TECH's latest internet venture, lets have Professor Ideo introduce himself ….

Click On The Image Below To See And Hear Professor Ideo Talk

      One of the most difficult tasks we face at PSI TECH is explaining what TRV is and isn't. Making people see the phenomenal benefits of possessing a skill unlike anything ever thought possible. Most people have preconceived ideas about what remote viewing is and how it works. Or if it's the first time they ever heard about the concept that the human mind is capable of downloading information outside of time or space, they think you are talking about something out of a science fiction novel. You've heard me write about how its much like selling round-the-world cruises to people who still believe the world is flat. That's because the technology is so young and so paradigm-shattering and incredible, it's hard to get your mind around it, let alone understand what it means to be proficient in this skill. Though for those of us who have been practicing it for years, we can't imagine a life not being able to do this. We believe that Professor Ideo with his mild and indelible presentation style can help clear away some of the cobwebs in people's minds.

       "He has a way of making difficult concepts come to life with his cool slide show," said one of his students. "I just love his little bald head, and dorky manner. Makes me pay attention more than a talking head would," says another. Modeled after Carl Jung, the father of modern psychology - it was just 100 years ago that he predicted mankind would at the turn of the 21st century, discover how to tap his intuitive function. That is the promise of TRV and PSI TECH's mission. So what better role model for Professor Ideo to follow. The creative minds at PSI TECH gave birth to Professor Gestaultus Ideo. Professor Ideo for short.

What You Can Learn And Do At TRV.COM is PSI TECH's new information portal for learning about TRV and accessing TRV related information. You can watch special lectures on What TRV is, and How TRV Works hosted by our new virtual instructor Professsor Ideo. In addition you'll be able to take PSI TECH's "remote viewing aptitude test" to test your psychic abilities and get a taste of how remote viewing works. This will allow you to quickly and easily prove to yourself that you can remote view. It's called TRV QuickStart, and its all online and available at the click of your mouse button.

       We also have a new special dedicated area for PSI TECH's special operations video reports. These are presentations from the new "PSI TECH Investigates" series…where you will be able to watch the special operations team in action providing answers to life's biggest unsolved mysteries. The first to air will be "Project Afterlife" which was a 2-year project involving hundreds of TRV sessions and provides compelling answers to "What Happens When We Die." In the weeks and months to follow, we will highlight many of PSI TECH's other projects including, "What are Crop Circles" "The Truth About Ghosts," "The UFO Enigma," "Future Humans," and so much more.

       It's TRV at its best, being able to solve mysteries and provide answers to questions and problems. We think you will enjoy this new series and Just bookmark it and come back often.

Visit for a preview.

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