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The Real X-Files
by Joni Dourif, President

      Over the last twelve years PSI TECH has been the subject of four books, three documentaries and numerous television and radio interviews. All of this publicity created from the unique investigative projects the company has undertaken using the skill of Technical Remote Viewing and our empirical expertise of project management expertise.

      I thought it might be useful in this article to explain how a TRV "remote viewing" project comes about and how PSI TECH employs its resources and skill to conduct it.

      A PSI TECH TRV project constitutes a research or study that is conducted by PSI TECH trained remote viewers who exclusively employ the TRV technology. The project's goal is to gather information about a particular person, place, thing or event in the past, present or future. The subject of the research is called "the target" and the target becomes the "problem to be solved." On a single project, PSI TECH employs a team of people which can number from two or up to as many as fifteen skilled remote viewers. The time that it takes to complete a project can range from two days or two years depending upon the complexity of the subject. The work is intensive and requires rigor and commitment from all the project participants.

       A typical project team is supervised by one project manager who assigns the particular target with a set of eight numbers called Target Reference Numbers. (TRN's). These numbers are randomly generated designed only to reference the target cue. (View this article for more information on how TRV works.)

      The project's remote viewers are first given only the TRN's to begin. They gather the preliminary information "in the blind" without conscious knowledge of what they are remote viewing. They have no idea of the subject matter or what is the topic of their work. The remote viewer knows that he or she needs only to strictly adhere to the TRV protocols as trained. A single remote viewing session typically lasts 45 to 60 minutes and produces up to 30 sheets of paper. Each page is filled with words and sketches of target related data or clues relevant to the "problem to be solved". A single PSI TECH project can generate 30 to 200 sessions in one week.

      It is the project manager's job to continually summarize and analyze the incoming data and then to re-task the viewers with new targets that are subsets of the original target in the project. As each piece of data is collected and verified, it is added to the puzzle that is being assembled. When the pieces are in place a conclusion is ascertained and then a synopsized analysis created. The project manager often times solicits assistance from specialists in the targets' related professions such as, doctors, engineers, scientists, geographers, historians, theologians, etc. The data is summarized then analyzed and reports are drawn up at different stages of the project.

      Here is how it breaks out:

      Preliminary report: A preliminary report is drawn up at the onset of the project. This report reflects the data from the initial probes. These results determine if the problem (or target) will to be investigated further or not

      Interim report: These are progress reports that reflect the ongoing data collection of the investigation. The complexities of the problem to be solved determine how many interim reports are generated.

      Final Report: This is the culmination of the collected data that has been scrutinized and analyzed to determine a final synopsis.

      PSI TECH has conducted literally hundreds of projects over the years. Some of these were initiated by our own curiosity and others were paid for by clients. We have adopted many projects as a public service to assist law enforcement and national security.

      Here is a list of most of the projects that PSI TECH has engaged in since 1989. Some of these are proprietary and some of them have already been the subject of books, documentaries and radio shows. However, most importantly, many of them have solved the unsolvable and answered the unanswerable. We continue to forge our way into this new frontier where knowledge and truth can no longer elude the human mind. (For more in depth information, visit PSI TECH's Projects Page.

Huntingtons Disease / Cure

Bradley Girls Disappearance Event

Elizabeth Smart/ Disappearance Event

Osama bin Laden / Current Location

Eden Project / Energy Source

Eden Project / Optimum Food Source

Elizabeth Smart Report

"911" Project - The Next Terrorist Attacks

Chandra Levy Missing Person Case

"Mars Probe" Signal

Egyptair Flight 990 Disaster

Project HYDRA: China's Acquisition of U.S. W-88 Warhead Technology

Nostradamus - Through His Eyes: Century 10, Quatrain 72

Sept 15, 1998 / Hit & Run Vehicle / Kula Highway / Maui

PSI TECH Special Study (Proprietary): China - Hidden Strategic Weapons Systems

PSI TECH Humanitarian Project (Classified)

The Madlyn ("Maddie") Rae Clifton Disappearance

Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra 10E - Phase 1: Pinpoint Location

Saddam Hussein's Biological Weapons

The JonBenet Ramsey Murder

The Russian Phobos 2 Probe

The Crisis Profile of Saddam Hussein Project

Project Investigative Report: Hydrogen-Based Automobile Power Plant Research

U.N. Arms Inspection Team Support - 1991

Tetrahedron feature / Cydonia region of Mars

Loss of the "Mars Observer" probe

The loss of Telstar 401 - A Major Geosynchronous Communications Satellite


The Earth's moon

Project Starman

The Phoenix Lights

The Lochness Monster

The Chupacabra

Alien Race/ Salt mining

Jesus of Nazareth / crucifixation event

Jesus of Nazareth Shroud of Turin

Jesus of Nazareth/ resurrection Event

Mother Mary Apparition

The Secret of Fatima

The Anti-Christ

Topical Search Data results of the meaning of "666"

The Rapture

The Discontinuity

Cattle Mutilation

Crop Circles / Cause and Purpose

Next Hostile Use of a nuclear weapon

The Unabomber/s Location / description / next "hit" (a one year project)

Nicole Brown Simpson Murder Weapon / Location (a 7 month project)

Stephanie Condon Disappearance

Missing Person Philip Taylor Kramer (Iron Butterfly member disappearance)

L.A. Film Producer / Disappearance

Art Bell's Cousin/ Cause of death

PSI TECH's Optimum Trajectory

PSI TECH Optimum Location

PSI TECH / Next Optimum Project

PSI TECH Sanctuary

Technical Remote Viewing / Future Uses

Next "Major" Earthquake / California

Next Volcanic Eruption / Worldwide

Next Volcanic Eruption / North America

Next Global Environmental Catastrophe

Next Environmental Catastrophe / North America

Current Solar Activity

Future Solar Activity

Hale Bopp Comet Data

Sanctuary / Locations

"(Santilli) Alien Autopsy Film footage" (October 1996)

Missing Air Force Captain Craig Button, A10 Thunderbolt plane & pilot

Next use of a nuclear weapon / intent to kill (North Korea)

Billy Meier UFO "beam ships" (hoaxes)

Carlos Diaz "plasma ship" photos in Mexico

The Holy Grail

AIDS Virus / origin/ Source / Cure / treatment

The Haunta Virus/ Cause / Origin / Location

Will's Paralyzing condition / Cure / Treatment

Stephen Hawkins

Gulf War Syndrome Cause

The Kennedy Assassination Event

Next U.S. President

President Bill Clinton/Future

Senator (proprietary) Death/ Cause/ circumstances

Frogs Disappearance

E-Bola /Origin/ Cause /Cure/Treatment

Earths Geophysical changes / Future

Future Humans

Future Humans Food source


Kidnapped Automobile Mogul (JD) location

Chairman Kim Jong the II / The North Korean President/ Mind state

Next Volcanic Eruption - "Mammoth Mountain"

The Philadelphia Experiment

Project Sunburst

Dina Arnette's photograph

Jose Escamilla's "Rods"

Mel's Hole (Hoax)

President Bill Clinton/Future

Earth's magnetic pole shift

Madeleine Murray O'Hare / Disappearance / Present Location

Epidemic Dying babies / cause

Elande 21185 Star Project / The New Solar system

P-S-I Switch - A psycho kinetic tachyon device

Hamas leader / Attack

Mars Polar Lander

Contrails / origin / content / purpose

Sai Baba

Area 51 / Overview

Mother Theresa/present location

Next passenger airline disaster

Next passenger airline disaster/cause

"The Tower of Babel" (TRV topical search)

United States/most secret aerospace project

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