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From the Editor
Spontaneous Psi Events - What They Are And Why They Occur to PSI TECH Remote Viewers
by Jeff Lucas, Editor of The Matrix

      Last Wednesday, a fellow TRVer and I were traveling home from a local pizzeria after having lunch. It was a beautiful day and I laid back, relaxed, in the passenger seat of her Corvette, with my eyes closed, basking in the warmth of the sun.

      Suddenly, without warning, she exclaimed, "WOAH!" as she slammed on her brakes, veered right, off of the road and into the entrance of a small parking area. My heart raced. I was surprised, and thought to myself, "Oh no! Did she lose control of her car? Did it stall? Did a tire blow out?" I peered at her instrument panel expecting to see a warning light or some indication of mechanical failure. I thought we would likely be spending the afternoon at a service station, waiting for repairs. I immediately asked her, "What happened???" There was nothing wrong with the car and her shocking response to my query lead to a journey through an unusual store and a fascinating encounter with the superpowers of the human mind. I will elaborate on this event momentarily.

      There is a common side effect from remote viewing training that many Technical Remote Viewers experience after they have practiced TRV for several months. At PSI TECH, we refer to this phenomena as a "spontaneous psi event." A spontaneous psi event is an episode of precognition or advanced or shared knowledge where an individual or group unexpectedly and involuntarily, gains knowledge or information about something by using his or her innate sixth sense.

      These events have no doubt occurred to almost everyone at some point in their lives. However, because they are rare, the average person passes them off as coincidence, especially if he or she is not accepting of, open to, or aware of the full capabilities and potential of the human mind. This is typically due to our skeptical natures or cultural and societal taboos. But Remote Viewers, who are open to the traditionally hidden powers of our minds, can recognize these occurrences for what they really are. Remote viewers experience these events with greater frequency and accuracy. There is a reason for that.

      We believe that these flashes of knowledge experienced by trained remote viewers increase in frequency due to the exercising of our "Psi Muscle" during TRV training. Since we are now working this previously dormant and unused function of our minds, there is a spin-off effect which increases our natural intuitive abilities. It widens the aperture into our unconscious minds, making us more hyper-aware of our surroundings and amplifying our natural connection to the collective unconscious.

      Is this remote viewing? No, it is not. Since these events are unpredictable, rare, and occur outside of trained remote viewing structure, they therefore fit outside of our definition of remote viewing. Unlike the rigorously applied and tightly controlled remote viewing process, which allows trained Technical Remote Viewers to retrieve consistently accurate information on demand on a target which was pre-selected by a tasker, with the intent of accessing information only on that chosen target, these spontaneous events occur at any time, may include any subject matter, either as brief flashes of knowledge, visual information or data, when we least expect it. We don't know how or why they occurred, if they are real or have until they are followed by another event confirming their significance.

      Some are dramatic and predict an impending immediate event, others spontaneously occur just as shared ideas and lead to us making a particular decision.

      It seems that remote viewers who know each other, and often share targets and practice remote viewing together, are more likely to experience this phenomena together. Some examples experienced by our viewers are thinking of the same thing at the same time, eating or having the sudden desire to purchase the same particular food or beverage items (no matter how exotic) at the same time. This has occurred so often with some of our TRV students that they don't even have to ask what the other had for dinner - In most cases, they already know.

      Another common example which I have also personally experienced is having an unusual word pop into my head as I prepare to log into the PSI TECH chat room, only to find out upon entry that someone has chosen that word as a nick name. Many viewers, upon learning TRV, have reported to us that they notice a sudden increase in synchronistic events. One viewer from Britain has the uncanny ability to know which slot machines are most likely to produce a jackpot. He routinely enters casinos, seeks them out, and has won numerous times. He does not fully understand know how or why he is able to do this, but of course, he is not complaining.

      Another PSI TECH student received a chilling feeling prior to starting her car one day. She was afraid to get on to the road, fearing that she would be involved in an accident. While driving down the street she perceived the word "bike." She slowed down and began to carefully look when suddenly a woman riding a bicycle appeared in front of her, attempted to stop and flew off her bike right in front of her car. If she had not perceived the unusual premonition and decided to slow her car, there might have been a horrible accident.

Gene Smith, a Generation II TRV student, related the following experience to us:

      "I had been doing TRV for about 6 months and was regularly thinking of some way I could use the skill in the stock and commodity markets and was following one such market, the S&P index, very closely. I was awakening from a nap, still in that dreamy half awake half asleep mode, when it happened. I got this vision. It was in the form of a red LED like the ones on the clock radio beside the bed that displays the time. First there was a minus sign that flashed twice then a four digit number appeared. It was so clear I thought about it all day long knowing it meant something. The next trading session of the S&P index had that EXACT four digit number as the high for the day. The minus sign saying that selling the futures contract at exactly that number because it was headed down was exactly correct. Regretfully it was a one time occurance that has never repeated."

Back to last Wednesday..

      After we dramatically veered into the parking lot, I asked my friend, who is also a trained Technical Remote Viewer, "What happened?"

      She said, "I just saw a flash - an image of your dead indian. It's here." I was about to ask, "MY WHAT?" when I realized what she was referring to. Several months ago I was considering purchasing a carved wooden cigar store Indian statue. These statues were commonly seen outside of cigar stores in the late 19th century. (If you watch the television show "Cheers," you can see one by the front door of the bar.) I did not know where to begin to look for one locally, and briefly searched the internet for them. I did not find one that I liked and came to realize that the money would better be spent on something else. At the time, I told my friend about it.

      She asked me, "Can we go into this store?" I thought that this incident was very silly, and preferred to get back to work, but thought to myself, "Well, if we don't go in and look, we will always wonder.." So I agreed. We got out of the car and examined the unusual purple building. The word "MAGIC" was painted in large letters on the wall and a sign indicated that the store contained antiques.

      We walked into the store and saw a multitude of strange and unusual, yet mostly interesting items. We turned right and into one room and were surprised to see a living garden filled with green plantlife. In the center of the garden stood a small statue of a wizard. I begin to wonder, "Could that be what she saw? Maybe she was off a bit."

      We passed through the next room, which contained racks of women's clothing and other oddities, including an unusual lamp which was decorated with feathers. We then proceeded down a dimly lit corridor and spotted the entrance to a room where several women appeared to be engaging in conversation. We could hear Middle Eastern music playing. Upon closer inspection, we realized that we had walked into the middle of (I kid you not) a belly dancing class.

      We smiled. My friend rolled her eyes as we both thought, "what are we going to run into next?"

      We seemed to have walked in a circle. As I expected to soon return to the front of the store, I thought to myself, "Oh well.. perhaps this was a wild goose chase.."

      We then proceeded into another room that had antique framed portraits, and old store signs on the walls. I looked over to the right and was shocked to see a figure.. THERE IT WAS - an exquisite antique cigar store indian which stood about 6 feet tall. I yelled to my friend, "LOOK THERE IT IS!" Needless to say, she was absolutely thrilled and we both stood admiring it as we came to realize the significance of this event.

      In a dramatic fashion, we were both reminded that everything is connected, that there is a universal collective unconscious and we have the capacity to access it. Those of us who use pen, paper, and TRV structure, accessing The Matrix at will, already know this. We receive confirming evidence of that fact daily. After learning Technical Remote Viewing, our awareness is heightened, our horizons are forever expanded and our lives are forever changed. We know that direct knowledge is always available to us. And that can be a very comforting and fulfilling feeling.

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