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Life After Death: The Mystery Unveiled
by Kimberly Snow

      Mysteries of the universe abound. There are fundamental questions that our species have been asking since the dawn of human time. What is our purpose here? Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? Who really built the great pyramids of Egypt, and with what technology? Was there life on Mars? Did the universe begin in one momentous big bang, or has it been contracting and expanding in a cyclical eternity? Are there extraterrestrials? Do we share the universe with other beings? If so, have any of these other beings made human contact here on Earth? Did civilization really begin six thousands years ago? Or have there been great civilizations that have come and gone on Earth before the current age of recorded history.

      There are hundreds of questions that are unanswered. Thousands. But of all the questions out there, there is one question that almost everyone has asked, or will ask, at some point in their lifetime: What happens when we die? Death is the biggest fear in the heart of man. Everyone knows they will die. Our physical bodies grow old, we expire, and our bodies are left here to decay as evidence of our physical mortality. From dust to dust.

      But where do we go? Is that the end? Is physical death the end of existence? Or do we go on? Do we have a soul, a spirit, which moves out and beyond the grave to another realm that our physical forms can not take us to?

      PSI TECH, using Technical Remote Viewing, has answered that one great mystery, that one question which is in everyone's mind. What happens at the moment of death?

      Each week, students of Technical Remote Viewing are given a blind target of the week. Blind means they do not know what the target is. They are simply given a random set of eight numbers, used for filing purposes only. Remote viewing students were given a recent target of the week that was cued: Human individual personality/activity after physical death.

      One of the difficulties with remote viewing a target such as this is that target feedback is unavailable. You won't know what actually happens when you die until you die, although there are numerous recorded testimonials of people who have had near death experiences. However, when the data from sessions done on the same target corroborate with countless other sessions done in the blind over the years by a myriad of technical remote viewers, the evidence is undeniable.

      In this case the findings were not only extraordinary in themselves, but extraordinary in that they confirmed the previous data that PSI TECH has done on this target, and once again brings to light the power of Technical Remote Viewing as a tool to answer mysteries which are previously shrouded by the veil of human limitations.

      Joni Dourif in an interview with Sony Magazine was asked this question. The following is an excerpt from that interview.

Joni Dourif: There was a time when we were really determined to find out if this past-life stuff was real or not, and we couldn't find one person who actually had spent life here on Earth and had come back. Not even these swamis that claim to be coming back for their 20,000th time. It seemed that the one thing that [was similar] across the board… was when people die, there are two angels; they come and one takes your mind, one takes your memory and they escort you away somewhere else and that when we go to this somewhere else, we have a different body and we haven't forgotten who we were. That's a tremendous relief, to find out. I don't know, before I remote viewed I used to think that we would just dissipate into this massive void and I would forget who I was.
(What Joni referred to as "Angels" in this interview were two powerful entities that were not human which PSI TECH labeled "Angels". Two of these entities always greeted the person after death, without exception, in every session they performed.)

      PSI TECH recently gave out "Life after Death" to a group of students as a training target. Using the cue mentioned above, the students who posted sessions also had corroborating data. In one student's analysis of her blind session she wrote, "One thing I do know is this was a pleasant target to do, good feeling aesthetic impacts. There was a lightness about this target, a silliness that made me think of things such as winged angels and heavenly clouds. It was a target about a key to the way things are, or perhaps will be, why something works the way it does." In her session she was particularly "relieved this was not a death." Before seeing the target cue, she analyzed one of the possibilities of the target as being life after death. In her sketches, there were two faceless lifeforms greeting a third who had a face, and a sketch of something flowing out of a human brain.

      Another student wrote, "For some reason I became very philosophical or esoterical about this target. I can not explain the meaning of it, but it is like a message of hope. There is an oval lifeform with an expanding motion generating lightning energy and/or life cycle activity from a type of liquid energy that is spiraling upward…an unclogging or transferring of energy. This is like nature's expression of natural growth. There is also a sketch in stage three of a helix, a symbol or expression of departure of a soul from a human being or spiritual signal." She also had intangible data of God, and wrote in her analysis before seeing the target cue, "God's gift to mankind."

      In another session, one student summarized the target as a place where one is "happy, planning, [with] no cares. Comfortable after all." He comments that "In the past when I have gotten a 'high' feeling it has been spiritual related."

      Another wrote, "The reoccurring raw data suggests visions of a nebula and deep space, a galaxy with stars and planets. The textures suggest the presence of clouds. A vision of heaven perhaps." And on his analysis he wrote, "A glimpse into or a vision of heaven."

      Yet another student who posted their blind session writes, "There is a significant grouping here. This object/activity may be something taking place in the near future, waiting just over the horizon." In his list of possible target analysis he writes, "People's expectations of UFOs taking them away" and "A futuristic method of travel."

      Keep in mind that students of all levels did these sessions, from beginners to more advanced. They were ALL done in the blind. The target could have been anything from a football game to the next US president. The findings that Joni Dourif mentions in her interview were based on countless sessions done by professional remote viewers over a year-long project.

      So it seems we don't simply snuff out when he die. We don't forget who we are. There is life after physical death, and this latest group of sessions from current technical remote viewing students have corroborated the previous findings, strengthening the conviction that life, individual life, goes on after our physical bodies cease to exist.

      This is just one of the many enigmas there are to explore using this incredible mind technology. At last there is a way for human beings to find answers to fundamental questions that under current conventional methods have remained shrouded in mystery.

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