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Three Breakthroughs At TRV UniversityTM
by Dane Spotts

      Last week we announced the opening of TRV University, PSI TECH's premier educational institution for developing the skill of Technical Remote Viewing® and teaching advanced mind technologies. If you haven't visited the campus, I invite you to do so.

      TRV U was developed using state of the art internet technology to create a virtual campus environment for teaching advanced mind skills. It is just the beginning of a new generation of mind development training. A powerful platform for teaching TRV. Here's what we did and why:

      PSI TECH's principle mission is to teach the skill of Technical Remote Viewing to as many people as want it. PSI TECH has been doing this for over a decade now. We ushered this technology out of the confines of military intelligence in 1989. Still classified when we first started teaching TRV to the public in 1994 we had a waiting list in the hundreds just to get in. And even if there was a classroom opening, the tuition was around $5000 for a one week training course, plus travel expenses. Because so many people wanted to learn this top secret skill, but could not be attend in person, we developed a tape training home study system in 1997 which became an overnight success.

      Both of these methods (classroom and home study video training) were successful, but are not even a fraction as potent as what is being offered now with TRV University training. Here's why. We have incorporated 3 breakthroughs into the TRV U training system…

1) A New Educational Model That Combines Self Study Video Training With Live Tutoring

      A systematized teaching approach that combines live tutoring labs lead by certified TRV instructors with a self-study video training curriculum. 21 video training modules just for the basic training (TRV 101) broken out into weekly lesson plans, and lab assignments. It combines the best of both teaching methods. Self-study video training AND live tutoring. In addition one of the most powerful yet understated benefits to this unique environment is that the student will be able to interact with other students from all over the world. Students share their experiences and task each other with blind training targets. An individual can go through this program in as little as 6 weeks or take up to 6 months to complete it.

2) Forced Learning Builds Skills By Teaching Both Your Conscious and Unconscious Mind At The Same Time

      The instruction was designed around accelerated learning methods. One of the most important aspects of this model is something we call forced compliance. A system so you can't skip ahead. One of the problems with video tape training or self-study in general, is that people tend to "surf" it, and skip ahead. TRV is a skill that you really must install from the ground up. You can't leap frog it. You are really teaching not your conscious mind , but your unconscious autonomic nervous system. It's more like learning how to drive a car or ride bike. Each skill you learn builds on the next. The system we developed for TRV U. forces self mastery. You have to master each level before advancing to the next. We have testing mechanisms at each stage of the process to insure you are on track. If you are having problems on any level of your training, you simply sign up and attend a FREE tutoring lab on that area and get the problem solved.

3) Automated Feedback System Insures Self-Mastery

      The Campus computers automatically track your progress while training, so you know step by step where you are at in each step of your training. Each person is different. Some require more handholding than others or special assistance in certain areas. With TRV U. each student's training is customized for their needs. The system tracks where you are, and provides feedback, so you will know if need more hand-holding and can participate in special tutoring labs, to get that assistance. This approach assures mastery of this skill to anyone willing to put in the time and effort.

What are the benefits of being a TRV U graduate?

      Technical Remote Viewing, (TRV) is a phenomenal mind development skill that allows you to access direct knowledge about people, places, things or events anywhere in time or space. It is a skill, and like any skill it requires that you practice it to master it. Once a person has mastered this skill the way they see and experience the world is forever transformed.

      What's the value of being able to access all knowledge? To know the future. To answer questions about your life or the lives of others. To uncover any secret. To probe the mind's of others for truth or deception. To find missing objects or persons. To predict the outcome of events. To map out the optimum path you should be taking. To use it in business, medical applications, investing, discovering new technology. The list is endless. One is only limited by how much time they want to invest to uncover the truth. All of this is possible, with just a pen, paper and an alert mind.

Can anyone learn TRV?

       When you learn TRV, you are actually installing a specific set of instructions or protocols into your unconscious nervous system. You are training a dormant psi function that lies deep within all of us. We all possess the capability to do this. The difficulty has been training this sixth sense or psi function to deliver accurate results on demand and separating out real data from your imagination. That is what TRV does. Now anyone, anywhere with the desire and the determination to learn this skill can. If they work at it, they can master it. And with TRVU, it is many times faster and more efficient than any other learning methodology. A lot of people who've heard about PSI TECH and TRV believe you can learn to remote view by reading a book or taking a weekend seminar. That would be like saying you can learn martial arts from or become a skilled plastic surgeon by reading a training manual. You can't. It's just not that simple. This is a skill that requires intensive experiential learning to integrate and make the skill-set a permanent part of your unconscious system. Because TRV is such a young technology people don't yet understand what is truly involved or even the awesome benefits of acquiring this skill. Most still think it is a parlor trick or a psychic phenomena. When they actually do it and experience it first-hand that's when they are blown away by it and realize what it really means. Until then, it's like PSI TECH is selling round-the-world cruises to people who still think the world is flat.

Looking For a Few Good Men & Women Who Want To Change The World.

      Most people invest time and money to learn this amazing skill so they can use it to improve their lives, map out their optimum future, make more money, or discover some secret. For others it becomes a passion and a career. It takes about 6 months to a year of working targets in the blind to refine your skill to a level where you can become a professional remote viewer. And if you get good enough at it, we may want to invite you to work as a member of one of PSI TECH's special operation teams.

      This is an elite group comprised of the best remote viewers in the world. To become a member you have to qualify by demonstrating a certain proficiency level. I should tell you upfront that this is not easy to achieve, however for those few who make it, we provide scholarships in the advanced courses and other specialized trainings. We only recruit from our TRV trainee pool. So if you wish to participate you MUST first have graduated from TRV U or a PSI TECH training. We receive hundreds of letters and emails every month, from people who would like to become professional remote viewers and get involved in our operational groups but haven't been through the training yet. Sorry, but you must first be willing to make an investment in yourself before PSI TECH will invest in you.

      When you enroll in TRV U, you are opening a gateway to a new life of possibilities. To help you to master the skill of technical remote viewing, that is what we are here for. Behind the scenes we have done everything possible to make the journey as quick and easy for you. But as I have said many times it is not without effort. You will need to follow the program and you will need to practice the skill to improve your abilities. We will provide whatever assistance you need to master this. You just need to be willing to do it. And when you do I can absolutely guarantee this….your life will never be the same again.

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