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The Gift Of The Magic Wand
by Joni Dourif, President

      I get emails and letters almost daily from people who have psychic experiences and want to make some sense of them. Many who write me feel they have a special gift that they wish to find out more about. Others want validation/or explanations of their unusual experiences; while others just need to share their secret.

      The search for these answers can become a life long quest for some and for others it's kept a secret and a life long source of perplexity. I thought it would be timely to write about psychic gifts and TRV in this issue of the Matrix Newsletter.

      "They say, "you're gifted" or "you're a freak" they say, "you should use your god given gift to help the world" or "you belong in the Looney bin!" What does that mean? Does that mean I'm different? Does that mean I'm a freak? Does it mean I was born special and I am meant to help people? Sometimes, I can just touch something like a piece of clothing and I know where it was and what kind of person wore it. Sometimes, I have dreams very vivid ones and then they come true. Sometimes, I foresee events that end up hurting people. Other times, I can just be talking to a person and suddenly become aware of a tumor growing inside of them and they don t know it yet Other times, I will be just thinking of someone and then they suddenly appear or call. Some times I will have a vision of an event and then it happens. Did I cause that to happen? I use to think so but now I think that I probably just foresaw it. What is this special gift and why me? I can feel the feelings of other people so intensely that it makes me want to isolate and yet I feel as though I should be helping them but I'm not always sure how to do that. When I meditate, I can see things and hear things that feel like revelations - they are usually good things that seem to serve to help me and other people. Sometimes, I think it's a spirit of dead person talking to me and sometimes I wonder if it's an angel or my own spirit guide or maybe even God himself. I am not really sure what I want to do with my life. I feel like a fish out of water and this psychic gift makes me feel uncomfortable - I am protective of myself, I don't want to be grand central station for all the nightmares of the world. What shall I do? What can I do? Dreams haunt me and life overwhelms me."

      I hear all versions of the above statements and my response to them all is this: We, humans, are still dinosaurs by comparison to the capabilities of our minds. It is extremely difficult for us, as people, to see a perspective that lies outside of the human experience; Humanity seems to be caught in a cycle, projecting and reflecting our experiences back to ourselves. Sometimes, it feels like a merry-go-round and that we are just repeating ourselves. Some say that History is a cycle that repeats itself or that we are born again to this world and have to do it all again. I say there is another way and I m not willing to ride the evolutionary merry-go-round. Things have to change and we need to change.

      In the big picture of mind evolution, Technical Remote Viewing is only a baby step but from where we, at PSI TECH sit, it appears to be a necessary and vital step. Technical Remote Viewing is a language that is standardized and applied to that still unknown part of our mind. This language allows clear and accurate expression of information that was once regarded as mysterious, magical or miraculous. But in the world of PSI TECH it is a down-to-earth skill that teaches us how to recognize imagination from our own thoughts and feelings and to separate out the truly psychically derived information from our own personal opinions. Because of this, we are constantly learning more about our own latent mind processes. Using TRV we can direct our attention to whatever we choose, whenever we choose, to do so. We are in control of our psychic skills. We have taken charge. Psychic awareness is no longer a random happenstance. This is leap in the existing concept of psychic abilities because western culture still regards psychically derived information as a phenomenon, a supernatural experience or just simple intuition.

      With regard to our activity as a corporation, we hear these statements: "You should not be charging for this! This is a god given ability that should never be tainted by commercialism! - You are practicing the devils work and only God can foresee into our future! - The future is whatever we make it! Only God can determine future events! People should not be doing this! You charge too much money!"

      Then there's the other group of folks who recognize the existence of psychic phenomenon but cannot conceive beyond their own personal experience so they say: "Everybody can Remote View, I've been doing it all my life!" - "Just relax and visualize your target and allow yourself to Remote View, it's easy!" - "Remote viewing is just one of many ways to be psychic!" - "My method of remote viewing is the best way for me!" -"I don t want to spoil my psychic gift by opening another portal!" - "I'm already so sensitive that learning to Remote View would be overwhelming, I couldn't t handle it!" - "You can't apply rigid structure to a god given gift; if it was meant to have a structure I would already know it!"

      To these assertions I say: This is not like anything else you have experienced. Technical Remote Viewing is completely new and unique. There was no universal model for this system before, so you cannot apply any of the existing paranormal activities to TRV. You don't have to be psychic, in fact, you don t even have to believe it. If you exercise a dormant muscle in the gym everyday, all the while saying to yourself "this won't work" will not change the fact that while you are exercising that muscle, it is getting stronger and because of that you have become more agile and capable and eventually you accept that fact because you can prove it to yourself over and over again. It has become a personal experience and you feel a new sense of empowerment.

       Are we pulling back the wizards curtain? Stealing Frodo’s ring? Diminishing income for New age wizards? I suppose to some it would seem as though we are stripping psychic phenomenon of its magic and that doesn’t sit well with those who enjoy the folklore. After all, in The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s story was her quest to find the wizard who could take her home. In the Lord of the Rings. Frodo’s battle to win over evil depends on his ability to use and keep the magic ring. In many books today “New Age Wizards” will show you the way to manifest better lives. This is not a little thing we are stripping away. It is a pattern that is firmly engrained into our culture. It is the quest that gives many lives a sense of meaning. What will we seek if we all have the golden rings? How will Dorothy’s adventure be if she can find her own way home? This is bashing a paradigm that is much bigger than the controversy of Oil verses Free Energy. It’s more comfortable to pretend it doesn’t exist rather then cause a feeling of unrest or to provoke a sense of risk.

      There are those who are fearful of what lies beneath the mysteries. Fear of the unknown is not new to western culture and rationalizing that fear by diminishing the potential of a threat is not novel either. If TRV is real then, ultimately don't we have more responsibility? Now, that s frightening! Being accountable for our actions, and even worse, for our inactions is an ominous premise. It's easier to blame and give away our power because it's not our fault anyway "We just want to be free." Maybe the time has come to discard our diapers and maybe we are responsible and accountable anyway. Maybe we have just felt helpless because we have not been equipped. To this dilemma, we can promise you that TRV provides you with more options, choices and information that only serve to empower you and fulfill your lives with meaning, purpose and freedom.

      Now, the good skeptical mind is probably thinking "Oh this is just another marketing ploy PSI TECH is just a company trying to make money - they will say anything to get me to buy" To this I need to point out that as an owner of PSI TECH, I have already succeeded in other endeavors and well, let me just say that I know much easier ways to make money. Convincing you that you have the innate ability to Remote View is not even coming close to punching my meal ticket! The possibility stands that maybe we are for real and maybe this skill is so important that we are compelled to make it part of history. Maybe it really is a leap in consciousness and a necessary progress for humanity.

      If you have made it this far in this article then you have probably said or thought one or more of the quotes presented thus far. So, you are either already a TRVer, offended, amused, and curious or an intellectual skeptic. You may be as psychic as a rock or you may be oozing with psychic abilities but either way I assert that you can achieve a consistent 85% psychic accuracy. It only requires the willingness to follow directions, repeated effort, a pen, a stack of plain white paper and Technical Remote Viewing.

      Changing the world begins with changing yourself and changing yourself may be as easy as just following simple directions for awhile. You can drop into our chatroom and ask the TRV old timers yourself. We don t have a crowd in there as big as the lines at Krispy Kreme donuts but then we re not offering sugar laced calories with no nutrition either.

      Take it or leave it - choose the head or the rear - sleep through it or stay awake - you re still on the train of life that is moving forward. Gifted or not, worshiped or wooed we are all contributing to this trip of life. Wouldn't it be a revelation to see our direction - to see what's ahead and not just for all of us but for you individually?

Drop by and visit our New University Campus at

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