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From the Editor
Guardian Angels
Do They Exist And Is One Assigned To Each Of Us?

By Jeff Lucas

      Recently I tasked a Technical Remote Viewer with a blind target that felt so intensely personal to her that she considers it to be the most fascinating session she has ever worked.

      What is astounding is the fact that she felt that way about the session prior to knowing what the target cue was. What began as a simple practice target meant to break the monotony of her serious work, ended up being a fantastic journey into the unknown that revealed information on a topic that no other conventional scientific technique could ever uncover.

The target was: [Person's Name]/Guardian Angel

      At the end of her analysis, prior to receiving feedback, she wrote: "Doing this target seemed intensely personal to me. It was mystical in nature & I felt exhilarated yet humbled all at the same time. There are no words to describe it. All I can think of to say is, "What a trip!" and "Thank you TRV." At the end of this article you can read the unedited transcript of her actual session summary.

      Technical Remote Viewing was created to solve for unknowns. Like any other skill, confidence (trust -- not faith) is acquired via training and practice against knowns, where session feedback is readily obtainable. However, it is important to provide a viewer during his or her training with interesting targets to break up the monotony and prevent boredom from settling in. Periodically, I like to slip in unusual or esoteric targets and problems when working with an intermediate level trainee, to keep them on their toes, make them realize that they should never assume anything, never know what to expect, and to boost their morale.

      One of the profound discoveries from remote viewing research, is that novelty acts as a stimulus. Targets that are unusual and exciting, targets that are important to a great number of people, targets that involve motion, and ones that involve great expenditures of energy are among the easiest to remote view. Our unconscious minds are attracted to them just as we are to things of that nature in our every day lives, when we are not engaged in remote viewing.

      I selected this target because the vast majority of the targets this viewer had been working recently involved operational targets of a serious and depressing nature, many of which involved deaths and other tragic events. Those targets can be very fulfilling when one is successful in helping a grieving family in search of answers, but they can also be an enormous drain psychologically to the remote viewer.

      The session was performed completely blind and unmonitored. She did not know what the target was in advance and only received the following Target Reference Numbers: 7140/6040

      After completing a TRV session, all viewers write a summary which details and lists all important data and concepts recorded during the session. The viewer is no longer "remote viewing" at this time, but writing down the key data that was retrieved during the previous forty five minutes. Following the summary, after at least 15 minutes have passed, a viewer may then attempt to analyze his or her work. This is important because of the bilocation that occurs during the TRV process; you do not have full use of your analytical mind function until approximately 15 minutes after your have ended your TRV session. Below you can see the last three pages of her TRV session.

Viewer's Summary & Analysis

      Amazing isn't it? The viewer retrieved all of that that information after receiving only a set of random numbers that were assigned to the target, while following strict TRV structure. Technical Remote Viewing is a powerful tool which can be effectively utilized to solve mysteries and collect data about targets where there is no viable method of collecting information through traditional means. Cold criminal cases, future events, lost objects and the mysteries of the unknown are subject matter where TRV can excel.

Where does the information come from?

      The Matrix (or the Collective) is a huge library which stores all of the blueprints for everything that was, is, possibilities, and destinies. Metaphorically speaking, the information is stored like books in libraries. The unique quality about this library is that it is static and also dynamic. It is constantly creating itself with every breath we take.

      The remote viewer was not directly communicating with an Angel or entity during her session. When Technical Remote Viewing, you are turning your unconscious mind toward specific patterns of information that you or your tasker is interested in, in a consistent and very accurate manner, producing data that fit the pattern of the target.

      To think that we are directly communicating with a target while TRVing would be the equivalent to thinking one is communicating with the author while engrossed in reading his book. To believe that the Matrix itself has intent with a distinct identity and personality is the projection of self-denial in ones' own personality.

      Western culture seems to be inflicted with a need for idolatry as a way of life. This is a counter productive perspective for TRV trainees because it places personal power beyond the individual reach and reinforces mystification of mind. Technical Remote Viewing is a skill that teaches people how to take control of their psi abilities and therefore expand personal consciousness and gain universal knowledge.

      The Matrix does not direct people around or give advice. Perhaps there are other "entities" out there who do that but TRV is a skill, like language, which allows people to take control and choose. It certainly is an enrichment of personal power which also totes personal responsibility.

      It's time for progress. It's time for people to access the collective library directly. In doing so, we adjunctly strengthen the part of our minds which provides direct access (the "psi muscle") and we learn to recognize the part of our minds that makes assumptions (imagination).

      I recently asked the viewer, "How has this session affected you?" She replied, "It was really an emotional experience and it has given my life more meaning. When you do a session on a target related to your own life, it can help you connect with yourself and your soul and find out things about yourself so you can grow and understand your purpose in life."

      Everyone can learn how to do this - to access accurate information on virtually any topic. Technical Remote Viewing is the most important advancement in mind technology ever developed. It is as important to the evolution of mankind as was the discovery of fire. Come out of the cave if you dare.

For more information on PSI TECH's data on the existence of Angels and life after death topics, click here.

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