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The purpose of this publication is to disseminate information about Technical Remote Viewing® and PSI TECH activities. In this inaugural issue, we will introduce ourselves and our online remote viewing community in addition to our new PSI TECH operational projects, media events, and new products. We hope that you enjoy The Matrix and find it an informative resource. We are interested in your feedback and participation, so please feel free to send us your comments and questions.

Articles in This Issue:

What is Remote Viewing and Why Remote Viewers Abhor Being Referred to as “Psychics” by Joni Dourif
“People have traditionally romanticized psychic experiences and made the unknown mysterious. Remote Viewing wrecks all that fun. We cut right to the chase and make a point of striving for accuracy and consistency. Remote Viewers learn the specific protocols and then they work to accomplish increasingly better results. Like any skill, the more we do it the better we get at it.” Click here to view the full article.

How Technical Remote Viewing Works by Jeff Lucas
Technical Remote Viewing® is a highly structured and standardized technique that allows you to consistently obtain accurate information, on demand, using a rigorously applied set of protocols. It is a trained ability to acquire accurate direct knowledge of things and events - targets - distant in time or space, while conscious awareness remains totally "blind" to details about the target itself. Click here to view the full article.

Is it a Boy or a Girl?
Last month, a PSI TECH professional Technical Remote Viewer worked a blind target that was cued by PSI TECH for an expectant mother, to determine the sex of the baby she is carrying.Click here to view the complete session.

Your TRV Community
We recently asked TRV trainees two questions: What is your most memorable TRV session and how has learning this skill changed your life? Click here to view the article.
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Media News:

The Quest Interview Transcript
On July 12, 2001, Joni Dourif and Dane Spotts discussed the new Generation II TRV Training Course and the Chandra Levy missing persons case with host Peter Weissbach. Click here to view. Related Link: Chandra Levy Interim Summary Report

Watch a TRV Demo Before a Live News Crew
Technical Remote Viewing® (TRV®) was developed and used by the U.S. Government as an intelligence collection tool. PSI TECH has ensured that this invaluable technology is presented to you in its pure unadulterated form. TRV is a trained skill which can be learned by anyone who applies themselves. This is not a skill which requires that "you believe" nor do you even have "to understand it" for it to work. You only need to do it. Technical Remote Viewing is NOT "fortune telling, out of body travel, or channeling." It is a learned skill that improves with repetition and practice. Prepare yourself for an experience that compares to nothing else you have ever done. Your journey is about to begin...

Click here for a free demo/introduction to TRV.

PSI TECH Sponsors the Art Bell Show
We congratulate Art Bell, the nations premier late night radio talk show host, for recently achieving the milestone of broadcasting from 500 affiliate stations. Many of our readers first learned about Technical Remote Viewing® when we announced the availability of our first generation course on Art's broadcast in 1997. We are proud and honored to launch our nationwide advertising campaign for our Generation II product line on Art's show. PSI TECH is dedicated to availing the public of this powerful life changing skill. Expect to hear and see Technical Remote Viewing® Training Course commercials and ads nationwide, on radio, in print and in other venues in the coming weeks.

PSI TECH Video Clips Available in New Formats
For your convenience, we have encoded our new Introduction to TRV video in RealVideo, Windows Media, and Apple QuickTime formats. We now offer several size options to maximize audio and video quality for dial-up and broadband internet connection speeds.

New PSI TECH Products:

The new Technical Remote Viewing Generation II Training System
PSI TECH is proud to announce that we have developed an improved method by which you can successfully learn the skill of Technical Remote Viewing®, at your own pace in the privacy of your own home — at a mere fraction of what it would cost for on-site training. After over a decade of research and experience in training thousands of students, we have updated our training system to incorporate advanced and proven learning techniques which enable the student to more quickly and effectively learn TRV. Click here for more.

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