Online Edition   Volume 2, Issue 2  :  October 25, 2002
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The Matrix Technical Remote Viewing NewsletterFlashback: Targeting Iraq
The Matrix Technical Remote Viewing NewsletterMissing Person Case Turns Into Murder

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Welcome to the October/November issue of PSI TECH's
The Matrix Newsletter.

The purpose of this publication is to disseminate information about Technical Remote Viewing and PSI TECH activities. We hope that you enjoy The Matrix and find it an informative resource. We are interested in your feedback and participation, so please feel free to send us your comments and questions. Email the editor at

Articles in This Issue:

An Interview With Joni Dourif - by PSI TECH Staff
In the following article, PSI TECH's President answers twenty seven questions which provide readers with answers to commonly asked questions as well as insight into the remote viewing process and how it affects the lives of those who apply it.  Click here to read more.

TRV University: Access Your Personal Tutor - by Jeff Lucas
The Technical Remote Viewing University web-based training system is the culmination of years of experience and pioneering research in advanced mind technologies. The TRV U campus uses a systematized teaching approach that combines live tutoring labs lead by certified TRV instructors with a self-study video training curriculum. Click here to find out more.

PSI TECH Investigates - by Rob Hopping, Dir. of Product Development
This November, PSI TECH will unveil a new series of special video (V-Zine) reports that answer critical questions about our future. Beginning with "When and where will the next terrorist attack against U.S. territory take place?," each episode of PSI TECH Investigates! (P.T.I.) poses a question to be answered, then takes the viewer on an amazing investigative journey. Click here to read more.

Optimum Trajectories And Free Will - by Kimberly Snow
Technical Remote Viewing is a remarkable technology that enables you to glimpse into your future, into an optimum future that will lead to your fulfillment and happiness. In doing so, it allows you to recognize certain paths and gateways when they appear. It is an edge that most people don't have--the ability to not only recognize the paths, but to choose them knowing that it will lead to an optimum situation. Click here to view the full article.

Trick Or TRV: Remote Viewing Unexplained Events - by Kimberly Snow
Each year, the Halloween decorations that abound in storefronts remind us of all the ghost stories that we grew up with. What once were anomalous events, unexplained mysteries destined to remain the topic of Halloween conversation for years to come, can now be unveiled through the remarkable technology known as Technical Remote Viewing. Click here to view the full article.

Remote Viewer Locates Missing Cat - by Jonathan Churcher
In the context of all the good, bad and ugly things that happen on this planet and in this beautiful, expanding universe, the finding of someone's pet cat does not rate very highly in the scheme of things. However, to do so by sitting at a desk, miles away, scribbling a bunch words in neat columns, is really extraordinary.  Click here for more.

Flashback: Targeting Iraq - by Jeff Lucas
Does Iraq Possess Weapons of Mass Destruction? On several occasions since 1991, remote viewers at PSI TECH have turned their attention to hidden weapon sites in Iraq, locating canisters containing the deadliest weapons known to man, using only their trained minds, pen and paper, while sitting at their desks thousands of miles away.  Click here to read more.

Missing Person Case Turns Into Murder - by PSI TECH Staff
Almost two months ago, tragedy struck one of our TRV University students. His 53 year old aunt-in-law was discovered missing during a camping trip in Southern Oregon. What is of great importance to those reading this, is that there are two dangerous killers on the loose, who have murdered before. After being alerted to the case last week by the family member, PSI TECH tasked its professional remote viewers and has issued the following preliminary report on Darlene's status.  Click here to read more..

Comics Corner:

Comics Page - by Wildfire
PSI TECH's "Spooky Halloween Special" Click here to view.

Media Links:

Video Questions & Answers
See and hear Dane Spotts answer twelve questions about Technical Remote Viewing. All clips are encoded in QuickTime format. Click here to view.

Watch a TRV Demo Before a Live News Crew
Technical Remote Viewing (TRV) was developed and used by the U.S. Government as an intelligence collection tool. PSI TECH has ensured that this invaluable technology is presented to you in its pure unadulterated form. TRV is a trained skill which can be learned by anyone who applies themselves. This is not a skill which requires that "you believe" nor do you even have "to understand it" for it to work. You only need to do it. Technical Remote Viewing is NOT "fortune telling, out of body travel, or channeling." It is a learned skill that improves with repetition and practice. Prepare yourself for an experience that compares to nothing else you have ever done. Your journey is about to begin...

Click here for a free demo/introduction to TRV.

PSI TECH Training Opportunities:

PSI TECH's Technical Remote Viewing University
Since 1989 PSI TECH has been the world leader in developing, testing, and refining effective Technical Remote Viewing training programs for our students. From the Generation 1 and II Basic Training Programs, to the Advanced Training System, PSI TECH's dedication to teaching Technical Remote Viewing skills remains a distinctive purpose of PSI TECH's mission.

When you learn TRV, you are installing a specific set of instructions or protocols into your unconscious nervous system. You are training a dormant psi function that lies deep within all of us. We all possess the capability to do this. The difficulty has been training this sixth sense or psi function to deliver accurate results on demand and separating out real data from your imagination. That is what TRV does. Now anyone, anywhere with the desire and the determination to learn this skill can. If they work at it, they can master it. And with TRVU, it is many times faster and more efficient than any other learning methodology. A lot of people who've heard about PSI TECH and TRV believe you can learn to remote view by reading a book or taking a weekend seminar. That would be like saying you can learn martial arts from or become a skilled plastic surgeon by reading a training manual. You can't. It's just not that simple. This is a skill that requires intensive experiential learning to integrate and make the skill-set a permanent part of your unconscious system.

The TRV University is a comprehensive web-based program that delivers unparalleled convenience, flexibility and real-time support to our students. In pursuit of basic through advanced TRV skills, students are able to earn training certifications that acknowledge successful completion of their course work. When you enroll in TRV U, you are opening a gateway to a new life of possibilities. more

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