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An Interview With Joni Dourif
by PSI TECH Staff

1. What is mankind's most valuable use for TRV?

Answering the unanswerable. Solving the unsolvable. Expanding consciousness despite our limited awareness.

2. What do you see happening in the future with regard to mankind and consciousness?

I see it crashing. People who are growing will grow and learn faster and people who are self-sabotaging will become lethal and dangerous. This split in the collective conscious precipitates a wide division between cultures which historically causes wars. I think the progressive thinkers will need to excel quickly in order to find their sanctuaries to survive the future events of life on Earth.

3. After utilizing and teaching TRV for so long, have you gained valuable insight into the human condition and if so, what?

Yes, too much insight to describe in one sitting. Although, one of the most memorable insights I had early on was the unique design of each person's individual psyche. We all share the experience of humanity in similar ways but the way in which each person processes their life is unique. I have never seen two alike. This sounds incredible because we are so accustom to generalizing people, but TRV provides us with a microscopic view where the unique differences stand out. I suppose this is why people are one of our easier classes of targets.

4. PSI TECH has remote viewed many crimes such as murders, kidnappings, and other gruesome events. Is it difficult to cope with the horrors that you encounter in gruesome deaths and murders?

We have to learn to desensitize ourselves in order to work these cases, very much in the same way law enforcement, CSI's, and medical surgeons do. It is wearing after long periods of time, getting so close to sick minds and gruesome events. However, I feel an inherit duty to offer the desperate and dead end cases access to our technology. Sometimes it's the only way to find a clue or a direction to stimulate a case and solve its mystery. It is important to keep the big picture in mind while working on these projects.

5. How does working these targets on a regular basis affect your life and attitude?

If I do not take periodic breaks to look at the miracles and goodness in life, I tend to become sad and cynical about the human race.

6. What is your criteria for selecting projects and what are the most difficult projects that you have worked?

The criteria for selecting crime solving projects is having a ground team to follow up on the data we collect and produce. The JonBenet Ramsey case was the most difficult and to date the most haunting. At the time when PSI TECH worked the Ramsey case, the majority of the TRV work was done by myself but I was not the analyst or the person making contact with the Ramseys. The case was surrounded by so much media and politics that the Ramseys were difficult to reach. We were in touch with the private investigation firm they hired but I still don't know if the Ramsey's ever received our reports.

7. What are the simplest and easiest projects that you have done?

The simplest projects are generally the most unique targets. Like miraculous and anomalous events and rare celestial occurrences.

8. Have you explained remote viewing to friends or family members and do they accept these abnormal activities?

I generally explain it to them only when they ask me. I try to keep my explanations simple, to the point and brief. For those who become interested I direct them to our quick start video so they can try it out for themselves.

9. Do you find that your work is satisfying?

Yes, I have the best job in the world!

10. Has learning TRV changed you? If so, how?

TRV has changed my life profoundly. I have become more secure about who I am and more confident about what I am suppose to be doing. My awareness of my life path and contribution has become clear and I have grown more confident as a result.

11. Can TRV be used for self help or personal issues? If so, how?

There is a multitude of examples where TRV provides self help. Just to name a few: Finding out what caused that rash. What or where would be an optimal vacation. What was the meaning of that dream I had. What is my daughter up to. What is the optimum birthday present for my husband. Finding the cause and cure of an ambiguous illness. Where is the most optimal place to live. Where are my lost keys. Is my lost cat still alive.

12. What is the most valuable thing that you have gained from learning and using TRV?

Immeasurable insight and a definite sense of purpose.

13. Can you influence your future?


14. Can you peep into the private lives of people?


15. Do you have ethical issues about spying on people? If so, what? If not, why not?

I personally do not have a problem TRVing different people. That is how I learn about people. I only spy on people if there is a crime or serious concern that would cause them or many others harm. My intent is good and I am an open book for other TRVers.

16. How can you train students at a distance when it is so seemingly detached?

We have designed a fail-safe way to employ TRV structure and require competency in each stage before a trainee can move on to the next. If trainees post their sessions for us to see then we can personally trouble shoot them. We have documented over the years the most common mistakes that trainees make to create obstacles to their learning progress. We are able to readily recognize these stumbling blocks and address them automatically. TRV protocols are a standardized structure so forced learning has proven to be the most successful teaching tool. We offer all of this online now at TRVU. I have grown accustom to overseeing the session work in our internet classroom site.

17. Is there a common characteristic amongst your team members or amongst people who become proficient at TRV?

Yes, they are determined, hard workers and active intellectuals.

18. How long does it take for a person to become good enough to participate on the Special Ops Team?

It depends. Most need to have at least one year or more of experience and have proven a consistent level of proficiency. Sometimes I will invite an active TRV trainee to join who has under one year experience. When I do this it is to generally offer them a rigorous challenge and speed up their learning process.

19. How do you pick a person to be on the team?

I look for ambition, discipline, and willingness.

20. What was the most traumatic target for you that you have worked?

The JonBenet Ramsey case.

21. What was the most magical target you have worked?

Angels, Life on other planets and Life after death

22. What was the most interesting target or project that you have worked?

The future of mankind and crop circles

23. I assume you have looked at the afterlife, what have you discovered?

We are not alone when we pass over. We are escorted. Our conscious identity and memories do not expire. We lose our human bodies and our human neurosis and move onto another type of body in another world.

24. Can a remote viewer look at ghosts, poltergeists, angels, biblical stories, and UFO's?

Yes, after TRVers have progressed enough to employ advanced applications and have proven proficiency with blind targets. Having experience and learning data analysis is integral to understanding the results of these types of targets.

25. How soon do you believe that TRV will become a mainstream tool accepted and utilized by the masses?

I think TRV will evolve over time and become integrated into the minds of future generations.

26. What is PSI TECH doing to achieve that goal?

PSI TECH and all of our TRVers are truly the pioneers of this progressive technology and new consciousness.

27. What is in PSI TECH's future?

PSI TECH has a very robust and active future which seems to be a locked in destiny. It steers itself. Becoming a part of PSI TECH's trajectory is similar to riding a bucking bronco across the continent and learning how to not fall off.

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