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From the Editor
The TRV UniversityTM Online Campus
How To Access Your Live Personal Tutor

By Jeff Lucas

      In July PSI TECH unveiled the TRV University online training campus. The TRV University web-based training system is the culmination of years of experience and pioneering research in advanced mind technologies. This revolutionary educational model not only made available the latest training advancements developed from over a decade of refining remote viewing training programs, but it visually and substantially 'blew the doors off' everything else available in the remote viewing industry - an industry that was created by PSI TECH.

      Like the video training programs PSI TECH first developed in 1996, the Generation II Video Training Course released in 2000, and the on-site Professional Development Course which preceded them, PSI TECH has continued to lead the industry with innovation and excellence in TRV training.

      TRV University's educational philosophy and operational structure embody participative, collaborative, and applied problem-solving strategies that are facilitated by a faculty whose advanced Technical Remote Viewing knowledge and professional experience help integrate TRV theory with current practical application. The University continually assesses the progress of its training and the success of its students and graduates, to provide continual support and to integrate advances into our training programs.

      It combines the best of both teaching methods; self-study video training and live tutoring. In addition, one of the most powerful yet understated benefits to this unique environment is that the student will be able to interact with other students from all over the world. Students share their experiences and task each other with blind training targets. The courses are so effective due to the adherence to our proven structure that has taken years to refine and is continually employed by thousands of successful students all over the world.

      We proudly invite you to compare the quality of the TRV University web site to any other. Visit the campus as a guest, roam through the public areas, view the new student orientation and see for yourself the future of remote viewing training.

Accessing Your Personal Tutor At TRV University

      The TRV U campus uses a systematized teaching approach that combines live tutoring labs lead by certified TRV instructors with a self-study video training curriculum. As you proceed through your course, if you have any questions or need guidance, you may avail yourself of a live TRV University certified tutor. To receive tutoring, follow these steps, outlined in Fig 1:

      After logging in to the secure access interface, click on the Laboratory building. At the next screen, click on the front entrance. At the Laboratory main menu, you have several options: Tutoring Sessions, Supplemental Training Targets, and Discussion Forums. Click on "Tutoring Sessions."

      While in the Tutoring menu, highlight and select the course that you need assistance with and click your mouse button. The next screen contains the current tutoring time schedule and an e-mail link to set up your appointment. At the time of your appointment, simply click on the "Enter Tutoring Room" button to begin your private tutoring session.

      Alternatively, every TRV University student may interact with instructors and other students, 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the TRV U Support Forums. These Webboard based systems allow students to post questions at any time, when it is convenient for them. Conferences in the forums are divided by subject matter or TRV stage, including areas for posting your TRV sessions for critique by your instructors. Options for e-mailing and faxing your sessions are also available.

      Having the ability to interact with your instructors and peers at any stage of your TRV training is a great benefit of these courses and I encourage everyone to take advantage of this support network.

Letter To The Editor: Caveat Emptor


I'm writing to explain how I found you, and to thank you for educating me in the true process of TRV.

I originally tried to learn about this subject through an audiocassette based course offered by another company. They claimed to offer a comprehensive set of knowledge and techniques that will permit one to explore "very wide realms of your inner mind, embarking on an inner journey of dimensions." Foolishly, I bought his course.

I was told I would become naturally more intuitive, sense events in advance and know people's moods and thoughts. Even lucid dreaming was talked about. All this sounds great to a novice, however when you get to the core of it, all they did was charge money to teach me how to meditate...NOT Remote View.

The instruction was all about mental visualisation. They taught that once you can visualise things, situations, scenery, a beautiful body etc., then you can visualise mentally. Then I was taught to sense ("intuit," I was told) information and then imagine it in visual terms.

I was also told to "go with the flow and take on a light hearted play-like attitude!"

After about 3 weeks into the course I started to lose confidence, realising that is wasn't what is was supposed to be. I was finding it hard to find "my centre of being" (which is what I was being instructed to find.) I could not relate to how "leaving my body physically" and casting white light throughout and going into "my centre" could possibly have anything to do with Remote Viewing. Now I know that their method is complete and utter nonsense - just New Age mumbo jumbo. I was gullible and I hope that people will read this, and learn from my mistake and the lesson that I have learned.

Seeking answers, I started to search around. I found your PSI TECH chat room for Technical Remote Viewers. I asked questions and found out what they were doing was something totally different from what I had been taught. I found a wealth of knowledge from these TRV'rs and also your Bulletin Board, and understood that I had been 100% conned by that other organization.

When I found PSITECH I was welcomed with open arms, and you didn't try to sell me any rubbish, in fact you never tried to sell anything to me. You were happy to listen and answer my questions and what a refreshing start that was! I was amazed to learn that PSI TECH remote viewers sit in a chair, wide awake using a pen and paper, using a highly structured set of protocols. Previously, with the fake course, I was told to lie in a darkened room. As I was learning more about TRV I realised that this was what I should be studying, not some charlatan's fraudulant claims. I signed up for the course at TRV University - and haven't looked back, and know I never will !

TRV is about structure, protocols that needs to be adhered to. You must not deviate from the structure and it is easy to learn, and anyone can do it!

I was amazed at the accuracy of my first TRV session, and as everyone knows, practice makes perfect. I hope to see myself using my skills to help the world, one of these days.

TRV is all about gathering data, working it out almost like a complex math puzzle. We gather data from a massive library that contains information about any event, thing, past, present or future. It is easy to access providing you know and follow the correct structure and protocol. However without knowing or following the correct procedures, you cannot possibly learn. The company that sold me the audiocassette based course claims to teach people to remote view, however, how can they possibly ever do that when they know nothing of the correct structure, protocol or even the history of remote viewing?

I am still a novice, so to speak, having been with you at PSITECH for about a month or so now, and will continue to be a part of your group for as long as possible. I just wanted to make you aware of how I found you and the differences between yourselves and the 'bad guys' out there, and I wish there was something we could do to get rid of the frauds cheating people.

Thank you for helping me to open my eyes, and showing me that this is really a very real and fantastic ability to learn.

Kindest regards,

Natalie Turner

      Natalie, thank you for letter which illustrates an unfortunate trend. Many courses taught by self proclaimed "remote viewers" have flooded the market since PSI TECH begain training civilians. They confuse people into thinking that they are buying remote viewing training, when in fact it is simply new age dribble. It is truly sad to see people taken in by one of the meditation/OBE exercises or phony undocumented "military protocols" out there being passed off as "Remote Viewing training" by charlatans. Much of the misinformation out there has lead some to believe that you can learn to remote view by reading a book or taking a weekend seminar that is essentially a crash course. That would be like attempting to learn martial arts, another language, or become a skilled plastic surgeon by reading a training manual. You can't. It's just not that simple.

      This is a skill that requires intensive experiential learning to integrate and make the skill-set a permanent part of your unconscious system. The problem with weekend workshops is that they cram so much information at you at once, on a methodology that was meant to be taught in a much longer period of time, that you are unable to absorb or properly learn the information. It is "too new, too much, too fast" and thus does not assimilate into your long-term memory. And once you arrive back home, and have forgotten key information, you can't play back a lecture to retrieve it. Nor can you continue to interact with hundreds of other students, who, just like you, are all undergoing the same dramatic changes and learning the same life changing skill. Instead, you incorporate incorrect procedures and establish bad habits that are never corrected. You are left alone without any support system or feedback.

      But at TRV University, you are not only correctly learning Technical Remote Viewing skills that you will be able to apply for the rest of your life, you will have immediate access to support staff and fellow students who are available for real time assistance and discussion. You may review lectures and classroom training day or night, at your convenience, and you will be part of a worldwide network of likeminded students and instructors who will be there to guide you through the learning process.

      At TRV U, you do not have to travel across the country, leave your family, take time off of work or book hotel rooms in unfamiliar areas to learn how to remote view. You can effectively train your mind to accurately access information about virtually any topic, person, place, thing or event, while sitting at your own desk, in the comfort and privacy of your own home. TRV University students can go through the basic training program in as little as 6 weeks or take up to 6 months to complete it. You can work at your own pace.

      People from every continent are enrolling at TRV U and becoming part of a worldwide community of active Remote Viewers. Our training goal is to educate and install effective learning through innovative and interactive methods utilizing distance education technologies and providing convenient access to dedicated people regardless of their geographic location. Any person, anywhere, can complete their coursework as long as they have access to the internet. Each student who completes either TRV 101 or TRV 201 receives a signed certificate documenting his or her achievement.

      Learning Technical Remote Viewing allows one to access levels of human potential never before imagined. Once you realize that you can accurately access information anywhere in time and space, using only your trained mind, and that everyone is connected to this Matrix, this vast library of knowledge, your life will be changed forever. We will be here to support you in your journey. We will help you master the most important skill ever developed by man.

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