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Optimum Trajectories And Free Will
by Kimberly Snow

      The room that PSI TECH used for training was sparse. One long table sat in the center of the room, with nothing on it but a stack of white paper and a pen necessary for the student's session. There were a few charts hung in various spots in the room, and a large dry erase board that ran the length of one wall.

      John Eliot entered the room and sat down at the table. "Are you ready?" Joni asked.

      He nodded. He had been taking the professional development course for a week now, with startling results. Nothing in his entire FBI career could have possibly prepared him for this. In just one week, his world had changed. But that change was not finished yet.

       "Have you gone to the bathroom?" She gave him one of her shy grins. He nodded again.

       "Okay. Just relax. Get ready."

      He rolled back his shoulders, sat up straight and grabbed the pen. He wrote his name and the date and time on the paper, jotted down any Advance Visuals he was seeing, and any Physical Inclemencies. Then he looked up at Joni and nodded for the last time.

       "Six three five five nine seven three six."

      It was the only information he was to receive on the target he was working. He was completely in the blind. He immediately began stage one without any hesitation, working as fast as he could to stay one step ahead of his imagination.

      In his first sketch he drew a lifeform gestalt, and then in stage four began describing a man. As the session continued, data on the man became more detailed. The man was six feet tall. He was large, heavy but not obese. There were two children and a female companion involved with this man.

      He took the required break, grabbing a sip of water from the cooler. When he resumed the session, he got data that indicated this man was sitting at a rectangular manmade structure, doing something important. Concentrating. It involved the future.

      In the next movement, he perceived that this man was ill. There was data of a heart problem, a hospital emergency room, emotions of pain, then elements of a gym.

      After 45 minutes, he had completed the session and he wrote, "end". He worked on his summary, and then after taking the required break once more, commenced with his analysis.

       "It's a man," he told Joni, reading from his analysis. "A man in his 50's, and he has a family. He's doing something important involving sitting at a table. He's about six feet in height, and is overweight." Joni was smiling across the table from him.

       "What, did I hit the target?"

       "Keep going."

       "Apparently he has a health problem. He has a heart attack. And in this movement here, it looks like there is data on a gym or something, see this sketch here looks like a treadmill. And the man is at this place, using it."

      She handed him the envelope. He opened it and read the cue: John Eliot/Optimum Trajectory.

      As he made his way home from PSI TECH's office, he drove in a daze. The busy rush hour traffic of Los Angeles caused the Santa Monica Freeway to come to a grinding halt. What did his session mean? He was describing himself! Heart problem? He loosened his collar, for the beads of sweat were starting to form on his brow. Picking up his cell phone, he called his doctor.

       "Is there anyway you can fit me in? Tomorrow? That'll work."

      The next day he saw his doctor and was informed that he had a blocked artery and that if he did not take care of it immediately, he would have a heart attack.

      Timothy O'Leary was one of the most respected neurologists in Los Angeles. He had come to PSI TECH for training in Technical Remote Viewing because he believed it would help him in his work. If he could learn this skill, it would give him that edge he needed to diagnose the most difficult and mysterious disorders that mainstream methods could not detect.

      Nearing the end of his training, Joni monitored him in his final session. Given to him blind, the cue was Timothy O'Leary/Optimum Trajectory. Although he did not know whom he was sketching at the time, O'Leary perceived a man living alone in a country home.

      Joni steered him further into the future. There was a device drawn in one of his sketches--a high tech device. And another person was assisting him. An Asian woman, young, who was connected with the man. They were extremely happy. He finished the session and Joni showed him the cue.

       "This is not me. I'm married. I have a little son," he said, frowning.

       "Remember, this is your optimum trajectory, which may not be your current one."

      Joni could feel his confusion. "Tim, we can live our lives following our current trajectories, not ever realizing that an alternate, more fulfilling life can be obtained as simply as just a slight step to the side."

       "What if I'm happy now, what if I don't want to take that step?" He stared down at his session.

       "You have that choice. Following our optimum path isn't necessarily the easiest path. Most people choose to stay in the largest groove, the path of least resistance. Many people remain on their current trajectories, not realizing that there are any other options. You have been given the chance to see that there is another option or trajectory for you, which allows you to make certain choices in your life that you may not have considered before. That doesn't mean tomorrow you should run out, get a divorce, give up neurology and look for an Asian woman. It simply means that is one trajectory that will be available to you, that will be the most fulfilling. Although getting there may have its ups and downs, once you are there, you will feel as if you are in the right place in your life." He gave a great exhale and nodded. His training was complete.

      Years later, Joni got a call from O'Leary, inviting her to come visit him at his country home. She drove out to the house and was greeted by O'Leary and his fiancée, a young Japanese woman he had met while visiting New York. He was divorced from his first wife.

      Joni learned that he had retired from being an active neurologist, and he was now working with renowned scientists on the cutting edge of discovering a new medical device. He told her he had never been happier. "Everything is right with world," he said, beaming.

      Jeremy Tipton arrived at the office five minutes early. Making a pot of coffee, he found his cubicle and sat down before the computer. After his second cup, he felt awake enough to begin the dreary work of the day. Processing forms was to Tipton the most boring job he could possibly imagine. But it paid the rent, barely, and the few bills that he had, leaving just enough in the bank for food and an occasional trip to the movies.

      But something had changed in his life. He had learned how to remote view through PSI TECH's video course, and with the help of their on-line classroom, had become a proficient remote viewer. He had to find out what his optimum job was; there must be something better then this, he thought. But what is it? What should he be doing now? Where should he be working? He had to get out.

      Although he felt he was ready to frontload his target, which he cued as Optimum Trajectory/Career/next 30 days, he still wanted to give it to other remote viewers as a blind target, to ensure that the data was not tainted by his imagination.

      That morning before work, he convinced two other remote viewing students to do the target for him, blind. He gave them the target numbers and drove to work. Several days later they had finished their sessions, scanned them and sent them to him over the Internet. The two sessions had corroborating data; some of the data matched word for word. The matching data included "working hard," and "sweating." He knew he never worked up a sweat at his current job, so that confirmed what he already knew, it was time to get out.

      There was individual data on each session as well. This included "fixing something", a person in a car, "tools", and "just rained". The data pointed to a job working outside. Since his current job was an indoor one, he knew again what he must do.

      With the data in mind, he sent his resume to several job prospects, and within a few days was hired as a catastrophe insurance adjuster. The new job entailed hard work, out in the field, sweating, driving to different locations in his car with his tools, usually to fix something. The calls were typically after a storm, when it had just rained.

      He made more money in one month than in six months at his previous job, and loved the work.

      Although the names have been changed, these are three true stories based on real remote viewers and their personal experiences with optimum trajectory work. Technical Remote Viewing is a remarkable technology that enables you to glimpse into your future, into an optimum future that will lead to your fulfillment and happiness. In doing so, it allows you to recognize certain paths and gateways when they appear. It is an edge that most people don't have--the ability to not only recognize the paths, but to choose them knowing that it will lead to an optimum situation. How often have you been in a situation where you have choices to make. Should I take that job? Is that area right for my family and me? Is that person the right mate for me? If I stay in my current career, will I be happy? Is it the best path for me?

      Why keep guessing? With Technical Remote Viewing, you can stop the guessing and start taking control of your future. Free will is your God given right. Exercise it.

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