Online Edition   Volume 1, Issue 3  :  December 7, 2001
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Welcome to the December issue of PSI TECH's
The Matrix Newsletter.

The purpose of this publication is to disseminate information about Technical Remote Viewing® and PSI TECH activities. In this issue, we will provide you with updates on our 911 Project, announce our new TRV Advanced Training System, Joni Dourif will provide insight into Remote Viewing's unique history and its current state, you will learn about the many applications of TRV and much more. We hope that you enjoy The Matrix and find it an informative resource. We are interested in your feedback and participation, so please feel free to send us your comments and questions. Email the editor at

Articles in This Issue:

Countdown 2002: A Personal Reflection on the Last Several Months and What’s Just Around the Corner - by CEO Dane Spotts
As the first year of the new millennium winds down I thought I would take a moment to reflect upon on all that has gone on since September 11th, and what we at PSI TECH see as coming up over the horizon. Being a Remote Viewer gives one a unique perspective about the future. A powerful tool for knowing what’s just around the corner. And being the CEO of the company that gave remote viewing to the world with all its implications can be a bit sobering in times such as these. Click here to view the full article.

The Myth, The Fad and The Frauds - Exposing the truth about “Remote Viewing” - by President, Joni Dourif
In this thought provoking article, PSI TECH's president describes the fascinating history of remote viewing and an overview of the unfortunate recent devolution of the term "remote viewing," which has been furthered by opportunistists and charlatans that know very little about this valuable skill. Click here to view the full article.

Is it Too Late?
A PSI TECH consultant describes what might lie ahead in America's war on terrorism, the risks involved, and what the public is not being told. Click here to view the article.

Practical Applications of TRV - by Kimberly Snow
A question that is frequently posed to us is, "How can I use TRV in my everyday life?" In this article, you will learn about the benefits of TRV training and how Technical Remote Viewers apply TRV in their every day lives. Click here to view the full article.

Technical Remote Viewing Contest - by Jeff Lucas
Work a single TRV Session using the provided TRNs. If yours is the best, you will win PSI TECH's entire line of Technical Remote Viewing products. Click here to read more.
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Our Weekly The Signal Line E-zine Links:

11/27/01: PSI TECH Announces the Release of its TRV Advanced Training System
11/29/01: PSI TECH's Future Terrorist Attack Data Verified in Kabul
11/30/01: Recent Press Releases Verifying More of PSI TECH's Counterterrorism Report
12/04/01: News Reports Confirm PSI TECH's Radiological "Dirty Bomb" Scenario
12/14/01: Announcing the Technical Remote Viewing Contest
12/21/01: Sabotage Explains Flight 587 Crash, Says Expert
12/28/01: Happy New Year From PSI TECH
01/04/02: How Optimum Trajectories Affect One's Future
01/11/02: Answers to Common TRV Questions
01/18/02: TRV is "Site Specific." What Does That Mean?
01/25/02: Cuing Technical Remote Viewing Targets
02/01/02: TRV Reveals Terrorist Plots
02/01/02: TRV Contest Target and Winning Session Revealed
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Media News:

Video Questions & Answers
See and hear Dane Spotts answer twelve questions about Technical Remote Viewing®. All clips are encoded in QuickTime format. Click here to view.

Watch a TRV Demo Before a Live News Crew
Technical Remote Viewing® (TRV®) was developed and used by the U.S. Government as an intelligence collection tool. PSI TECH has ensured that this invaluable technology is presented to you in its pure unadulterated form. TRV is a trained skill which can be learned by anyone who applies themselves. This is not a skill which requires that "you believe" nor do you even have "to understand it" for it to work. You only need to do it. Technical Remote Viewing is NOT "fortune telling, out of body travel, or channeling." It is a learned skill that improves with repetition and practice. Prepare yourself for an experience that compares to nothing else you have ever done. Your journey is about to begin...

Click here for a free demo/introduction to TRV.

New PSI TECH Products:

PSI TECH's Generation II TRV Advanced Training System
We are proud to announce the availability of the highly anticipated TRV Advanced Training System. In this program, you'll build on the basic skills you learned in the basic Generation II course by applying advanced techniques to your Technical Remote Viewing targets. These techniques, or advanced tools, will enable you to identify and collect specific types of data in a more refined and detailed manner with closer target contact. Click here for more.

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