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TRV 101
TRV 101: Basic TRV Skills

Course Instructor: Joni Dourif

Course Length: 6 Weeks

Course Cost: $1295.00

Prerequisites: None

Watch videos which explain how Technical Remote Viewing works, including the New Student Orientation, at the Auditorium Building.
Technical Remote Viewing 101: Basic TRV Skills -- Course Overview and Syllabus
   Technical Remote Viewing® is an ingenious set of standardized procedures undertaken by trained individuals, using only a pen and paper—and one's mind—to gather accurate information about people, places, things and events in the past, present, or future. All people possess innate PSI abilities, but precision psychic skills, like language, must be learned.

   TRV101: Basic TRV Skills will provide a student with rigorous, step by step instruction in TRV. This course will train a student in Stage 1 through Stage 4 protocols, basic movement exercises, creating and cueing targets, and summary and analysis. The basic skills taught in TRV 101 are the foundation of your Technical Remote Viewing training.

  TRV 101 Week 1 - Producing & Decoding Ideograms

   During Week 1, you will be introduced to PSI TECH and Technical Remote Viewing, learn about the history and development of this technology, and view news, media clips and interviews with PSI TECH trainees, who share their experiences and tell how learning TRV has enhanced and improved their lives. Discover the true story of this originally classified technology and its role in changing the scope of consciousness as we enter the new millennium.

   You will learn Stage 1 - Producing & Decoding Ideograms. Stage 1 is the foundation of every TRV session. Knowing how to produce and decode ideograms efficiently is critical to staying in structure and accurately identifying your target.

   You will learn about the Collective Unconscious and how the human mind is able to consistently access and deliver accurate target data on any person, place, thing or event anywhere in time and space.

  TRV 101 Week 2 - Stage 2: Sensory Perceptions & Stage 3: Abstract/Symbolic Sketch

   During Week 2, you will be trained in Stage 2: Sensory Perceptions and Stage 3: Abstract/Symbolic Sketch. Stage 2 is the objectification of sensory perceptions. Following a structured system that breaks down and objectifies the raw data, the student will learn how to write down specific words that describe percepts associated with the target in a very structured order.

   The student will then learn how to progress to Stage 3, where he/she will draw his/her first freehand sketch using his/her body and raw unconscious data to generate a symbolic sketch of the target site.

  TRV 101 Week 3 - Creating and Cuing Targets

   During Week 3, you will work your first Technical Remote Viewing targets. In the Creating and Cuing Targets lecture, the student will learn how to properly search the Matrix and choose targets, analogously pulling a "book" from the "library" of the Collective Unconscious. The student will be taught how to produce Target Reference Numbers and assign them to your target. The student will learn how to cue a target, writing it in the order of the general to the specific. The student will learn how to properly create a target folder and envelope.

  TRV 101 Week 4 - Stage 4: Discriminating & Breaking Data Into Categories

   In Week 4, the student will learn Stage 4: Discriminating & Breaking Data Into Categories. You will learn the TRV Stage 4 table, how to prompt data, properly categorize and objectify it, and "follow" the signal line. You will also work several monitored sessions.

  TRV 101 Week 5 - Movements, Summary, & Analysis

   Week 5's lesson is designed to teach you Movements, Summary, & Analysis. You will learn how to get closer to the target site, how to properly end a session, and how to write a summary of and analyze your work.

  TRV 101 Week 6 - Course Review & Final Exam

   During this final week, you will review the TRV basic skills set you learned during the previous 5 weeks and take your final exam.

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