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TRV 304
TRV 304: Solving Murders and Abductions

Course Instructor: Joni Dourif

Course Length: 1 Week

Course Cost: $295.00

Prerequisites: None

Watch videos which explain how Technical Remote Viewing works, including the New Student Orientation, at the Auditorium Building.
Technical Remote Viewing 304: Solving Murders and Abductions -- Course Overview and Syllabus
   The Solving Murders & Abductions courses uses advanced level Technical Remote Viewing skills to teach you specialized movements and techniques to solve murder and abduction cases, and investigate crime scenes. Using the skills taught in this special applications course, you will be taught to conduct probes, undertake investigations, and answer questions such as:

  • Is the victim dead or alive?
  • Was the victim murdered or was it an accident?
  • Was it a suicide?
  • Was the event violent or a surprise?
  • Where is the perpetrator or the victim?
  • What was the purpose or cause of the event?
  • What was the murder weapon?

  •   TRV 304 - Assignments

  • Assignment 1: Watch the Lecture, "Preparation"

  • Assignment 2: Watch the Lecture, "Finding the Victim"

  • Assignment 3: Watch the Lecture, "Dead or Still Target Cues"

  • Assignment 4: Watch the Lecture, "Murderer/Purpetrator Target Cues"

  • Assignment 5: Watch the Lecture, "Data Analysis"

  • Assignment 6: Classroom Training, "Monitored Session"

  • Assignment 7: Final Exam & Instructor Review

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