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TRV 306
TRV 306: Find Lost Objects

Course Instructor: Joni Dourif

Course Length: 1 Week

Course Cost: $295.00

Prerequisites: None

Watch videos which explain how Technical Remote Viewing works, including the New Student Orientation, at the Auditorium Building.
Technical Remote Viewing 306: Find Lost Objects -- Course Overview and Syllabus
   The Find Lost Objects courses teaches the advanced student skills nessecary for identifying objects and their location. Simple objects are often some of the most challenging remote viewing targets, due to their insignificance in the matrix.

   In this course, you will be trained to identify objects and their locations, and avoid common pitfalls and mistakes TRV'ers make while remote viewing insignificant objects. Missing items, stolen goods, and simple "proof of concept" remote viewing object challenges are covered in this special applications course.

  • Find missing car keys
  • Find stolen goods
  • Demonstrate TRV by sketching hidden objects
  • Improve your remote viewing sketching ability

  •   TRV 306 - Assignments

  • Assignment 1: Watch the Lecture, "Remote Viewing Objects"

  • Assignment 2: Watch the Lecture, "Remote Viewing Lost and Missing Objects"

  • Assignment 3: Watch the Lecture, "Remote Viewing Inanimate Objects"

  • Assignment 4: Watch the Lecture, "Create a Cue"

  • Assignment 5: Classroom Training, "Monitored Session"

  • Assignment 6: Final Exam & Instructor Review

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