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TRV 307
TRV 307: In Search of UFO's and Other Anomalies

Course Instructor: Joni Dourif

Course Length: 1 Week

Course Cost: $295.00

Prerequisites: None

Watch videos which explain how Technical Remote Viewing works, including the New Student Orientation, at the Auditorium Building.
TRV 307: UFOs and Other Anomalies -- Course Overview and Syllabus
   The In Search of UFO's and Other Anomalies course teaches the advanced Technical Remote Viewing student techniques and offers methods that can be used in remote viewing targets of extraterrestrial or anomalous natures. These events can often be confusing and even fabricated, so correctly identifying key features is important in these types of sessions.

   In this special applications course, you will learn to perform techniques on such topics as:

  • Penetrating anomalous events
  • Investigating hidden memories
  • Uncovering UFO encounters
  • Finding the purpose of an anomalous event
  • Discovering the veracity and source of "channeled" information
  • Performing guardian angel sessions
  • Answering the question, "Is there extraterrestrial life?"

  •   TRV 307 - Assignments

  • Assignment 1: Watch the Lecture, "UFOs and Anomalies (Part 1)"

  • Assignment 2: Watch the Lecture, "UFOs and Anomalies (Part 2)"

  • Assignment 3: Classroom Training, "Monitored Session"

  • Assignment 4: Final Exam & Instructor Review

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