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TRV University
TRV Testimonials

At this page read about what TRV University students say about their training experiences and how learning Technical Remote Viewing has changed their lives.

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Watch videos which explain how Technical Remote Viewing works, including the New Student Orientation, at the Auditorium Building.

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Learn more about TRV University's available courses and find out how you can Enroll in the Administration Building.

Remote Viewing News: August The Matrix Newsletter

In this issue, Dane Spotts explains how PSI TECH trained Technical Remote Viewers are able to unleash the hidden powers of their minds. Joni Dourif reveals the model of the human psyche that demonstrates how psi functioning is possible.
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Remote Viewing News: Remote Viewing The Maui Space Surveillance Site

See the session results of a student training target which focused on the military's equipment on the summit of Haleakala volcano on the island of Maui.
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Remote Viewing News: My Last "I Bet You Can't Remote View it" Bet!

In the following article, a PSI TECH trained remote viewer and Neurosurgeon, Dr. John Turner, provides details of a bet he made with PSI TECH's President Joni Dourif. John's wife lost a bottle of medicine, and he challenged Joni to locate it using Technical Remote Viewing.
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Remote Viewing News: Update: Chinese Researchers Confirm SARS Came From Animals

In PSI TECH's May 13, 2003 Technical Remote Viewing report on the origin of SARS, we stated "The origin and cause of the current SARS outbreak was caused by the contamination of food related to the feeding, processing and slaughter of animals, meat products, and other elements in the surrounding environment. This was directly caused by a location where food products and people are contained and working...."
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Professor Ideo Introduces TRV.COM & Teaches Technical Remote Viewing To The World

TRV.COM is a new information service developed by PSI TECH and designed to teach the public about TRV and to showcase PSI TECH's special project video reports.
(Read more and view the free lectures)

Guardian Angels: Do They Exist And Is One Assigned To Each Of Us?

"Recently I tasked a Technical Remote Viewer with a blind target that felt so intensely personal to her that she considers it to be the most fascinating session she has ever worked."
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Remote Viewing News: Who Can Learn TRV?

In this week's issue of The Signal Line, we highlight the personal experience of one of our students, Joel Salisbury. Joel is a talented artist whose goal is to integrate TRV with his artwork.
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Technical Remote Viewing University: What Our Students Say About Our Training Courses
   Our Technical Remote Viewing ® trainees come from all walks of life and from all parts of the world. What they share is common is a life changing experience that TRV training provides to all who commit themselves to learning this unique skill. The following testimonials were written by our students.
  "This Is The Most Amazing Skill I Have Ever Learned."

   "I have taken both TRV 101 and TRV 201 at TRV University. These are truly fantastic courses. They are structured in such a way so that you can move along at the pace perfect for you and establishing a firm foundation at the same time. Results are immediate.

    This is the most amazing skill I have ever learned. It eclipses my undergraduate, master's and doctoral (JD) education as being by far the most mind-boggling and most important thing I have ever learned. The support from the instructors is fantastic.

    You can also count on your fellow students for helpful suggestions and support. I have learned more in the last nine months than I have in my 43 years combined. TRV University is wonderful."

Lani George

  "There is nothing out there that I'm aware of that comes even close."

   "The courses are set up such that each individual goes at their own pace following a very detailed and honed training regiment. I for one never ran into a question that wasn't answered directly by the course material or in the FAQ area. But there is private tutoring available, as a standard part of the curriculum, to anyone who requests it. As the lessons progress and sessions are done, live tutors offer individualized critiques so that ones strengths and weaknesses are evaluated and personally addressed. Over time I think the most useful tool to me has been access to the Target of the Week training sessions. This is a blind target done by all the students with everyone's sessions posted in a common but private student bulletin board area. This gives you the opportunity to see the work of others at various skill levels on exactly the same target you just completed. Then each session is critiqued, often by Joni herself, to aid the individual student in their progress. This has proven invaluable to me personally. Not to mention the camaraderie and deep friendships that has developed over time between myself and fellow students as a result of working common targets, training and visiting in the chat room provided. To me the marriage of the online University where you can install the skills at your own pace married to the direct and personalized training offered by online tutors is the ideal approach to learning this skill. There is nothing out there that I'm aware of that comes even close."

Gene Smith

  "Learning TRV Was Like Having A Veil Lifted From My Eyes."

   "The experience of learning TRV was like having a veil lifted from my eyes. Now, after completing my training, I am finally able to do what other more experienced students have been doing for years, that is accurately separate facts from imagination very quickly, or in other words, just get the facts. This skill has given me an advantage in analyzing problems and I use it to solve difficult situations in my life. And I am having a lot a fun doing this."


  • Click here to read an article about Technical Remote Viewing data on a recent student Target Of The Week, the military's equipment on Haleakala in Hawaii. (The top most sketch and written data was produced by Dolores.)
  •   "This Technology Is The Single Most Powerful Tool Available To Mankind."

        "When I first started my Technical Remote Viewing training....I do not remember if it was the 2nd or 3rd nite when I did my first 3 Targets..... WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe it....I was literally running around the house. It was utterly amazing that from 8 numbers and a few days training that I accurately sketched and described my first 2 out of three practice targets!!!!!!

        Before that I would have bet 100:1 that this was not possible, especially for me. I had never had an intuition, a dream that came true or any other pre-cognitive activity. But, from following the training, I was able to sketch and describe targets!!!! The wonderment, excitement, possibilities and pure adrenaline rushing thru me that first evening had a very calm and reserved Kevin Pirolo jumping around waving papers in the air in off-the-hook excitement!!!

        I knew right then and there that I had come upon something that was far more valuable than I could possibly perceive. It was imperative to learn this right and get good at it.

        I followed the training to a "T" and did hundreds of practice targets. I started doing the Target Of The Week each week. There were times periods of quick improvement, and time periods where it seemed that I was standing still or sliding backwards in my quest to get better and better at this. Having the online training and personal tutoring from TRV University staff has been invaluable. Being able to chat with other TRV'ers, trading targets, learning from them, and seeing other peoples' TRV session work on the same targets has really been useful in collapsing time frames in the learning process.

        THEN....after about 2 or 3 months I started doing "Real-World" targets. WOW! Crimes started being solved utilizing the data that I got from TRVing! I tried my hand at some sports targets and got winners of games. Some serious health problems were averted by advance warning from TRV data. I got data on stuff that I had a personal interest/curiosity about.

        Of course days and weeks would go by when I was TRVing everyday and sort of taking it for granted. But periodically I would stop and think about how absolutely incredible this technology is. It seems, to this day, crazy to think that I can follow a simple protocol and get detailed, accurate information from a set of 8 randomly assigned numbers. BUT, IT WORKS.

        As time has passed, and well over 1000 targets worked, I still have the same excitement that I did that first night when I realized that TRV works! To me this technology is the single most powerful tool available to mankind. To be able to know anything, about anything in the past, present or future is incomparable. There is no doubt that we have only begun to scratch the surface in how TRV will be used in "Real World" applications. These are exciting times!"

    Kevin Pirolo

  • Click here to find out how Technical Remote Viewing located Kevin's new home.

  • Click here to read about how Kevin used Technical Remote Viewing to find the location of a stolen cash register
  •   "Whatever Problems Come My Way, The Answers Are Only A TRV Session Away."

        "I started learning Technical Remote Viewing several years ago and the training has worked very well for me. I have found that whatever problems come my way the answers are only a TRV session away. This has changed my life in that it has removed the fear of the unknown. The less fear I have the better I feel and feeling good is cool. I have been an electrician for over twenty years and keeping large electric machines working is my job. The worst problem that can arise in this profession is one that comes, goes away, and then returns days or months later, and then repeats the same pattern again and again. That means that it can't be trouble shot and solved if the failure doesn't occur at the exact moment you're there. But now that I know how to TRV, where to look and what to work on is only a session away."

    Kim Stehle

      "The More I Do, The Better It Gets"

        "When I found out about TRVU on-line training, I toured the virtual “campus,” was intrigued by the programming “bells, lights, and whistles” and decided to enroll. WOW!! TRVU does not overwhelm the student. TRVU encourages completion of the program – through its pacing, presentation and supplemental targets. Long-term benefits and retention is significantly better with TRVU. My personal results - and after-effects - are enhanced. The more I do, the better it gets. THANK YOU for TRVU."

    Alex L.

      Technical Remote Viewing Applications: How TRV Can Be Applied In Your Everyday Life

        To find out more about how students of Technical Remote Viewing have successfully used their skills to solve problems and improve their lives, visit our Applications Page.

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