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TRV University Overview
Learn More About TRV

Watch videos which explain how Technical Remote Viewing works, including the New Student Orientation, at the Auditorium Building.

Technical Remote Viewing University - Customer Service Contact Information
   To contact TRV University's customer support and service personnel, see the options below.

  Technical Questions
   For questions relating to the technology behind TRV University, including website access, video playback issues, email and downloading issues, and others, please contact the Webmaster at webmaster@trvuniversity.com.
  Student Account Questions
   For questions regarding your student account, for registered TRVU students, please contact our Admissions Office. The Admissions Office is open from 9AM - 5PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Call us at (425) 643-9939.

   If you wish to send correspondence to the Admissions Office, please send to:

TRV University
Student Admissions
13240 NE 20th St. - Suite 18
Bellevue, WA 98005
  Tuition Questions
   For questions regarding student loans, class costs, and other financial questions regarding TRV University, please contact the student loans office, at (425) 643-9939, from 9AM-5PM, Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

   To send checks, money orders, and other correspondence, please address to:

TRV University
Student Loans Dept.
13240 NE 20th St. - Suite 18
Bellevue, WA 98005
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